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What industries are using temporary staffing

What industries are using temporary staffing

What is temporary staffing / staff leasing?

Temporary employment, also known as staff leasing, is a business service in which one legal entity (temporary employment company) hires and provides staff to another legal entity (user company) under its management and supervision.
The service is a flexible solution for companies that need new employees or additional staffing, but do not want or are not able to hire permanent employees.

Which types of businesses need the most temporary employees and where can they find them?

These are the businesses that will need new temporary positions in order to survive. Here are some of them:

All delivery companies:

Even after the restrictions fell off and the shops and restaurants opened people will not be able to return to their old habits, even if they ever done it. In State of emergency survived these, who restructured their business, so they could reach their clients, even when they could not come to them.
All food and other stuff deliveries were unprecedentedly high and all the companies who satisfied the needs of the user won from the situation. Meanwhile many of them were on the brink of survival.
Аs long as the situation come normal for business is very important to create affordable option for home deliveries and Temporary staffing is perfect in that case to fill positions, which after months could be unnecessary.

Pharmacies and medical centres:

Fast reaction in pandemic is very important and pharmacies and medical centres should not leave their customers waiting. This means that urgently need to hire people, medical personnel or low-skilled employees, to respond to people need.
When the situation calms down many of these positions will be unnecessary and employees will have to follow new opportunities. So, staff leasing is very suitable for them.

Big retailers

As it became clear from the situation around the COVID-19 in State of Emergency people attack first the pharmacy and then the supermarket stores. And if these stores are not able to meet the needs of their customers, they will look for what they need elsewhere. Stores have to create new positions, so they can be sure that customers will be able to find what they need. It is also needed to maintain hygiene and protect the health of their customers and staff.
In the near future, when the situation improves and the most people stop shopping for a month ahead, these positions will become unnecessary. Then a permanent employment contract would only create difficulties for employers. In this situation, temporary employment is better choice.

Tourism and hotels

The tourism industry all around the world is facing the crisis. Hoteliers are not fighting for profit, but for as little loss as possible. And what is most important for tourists to come is to ensure impeccable hygiene and regular disinfection. Tourism has always relied on temporary workers, but now the need is bigger than ever.

Bank and credit companies

There are many busy months coming for the banking and finance industry. Hundreds of businesses are closing doors, tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs and for them the only chance to survive remains bank loans or quick loan companies.
In this situation similar companies will have to hire people extremely quickly, which at some point won’t be that necessary to them. In such cases the best option both for the businesses and for the employees is temporary employment and staff leasing.
Even before the pandemic, close to 90% of all employees of quick loan companies and mobile banking agents were on civil contracts. For sure they will be the first ones who will look for the services of companies for staff leasing.

Customer Service

Staff leasing and temporary employment workers are very suitable for any business, which needs employees without much starting qualification in order to serve their customers.
Unfortunately, the crisis will leave many people without a job, who will either have to apply for requalification or look for a temporary job. In this case, temporary employment is the best option, both for the employees themselves and for the employers.

All temporary actions

Amid concerns about the crisis, we must not forget all those temporary activities that have always relied on temporary staffing. Whether it is promotion, merchandising, trade campaigns, population counting, home delivery of media, temporary employment will always remain the best solution.
Of course, the coronavirus can’t help but leave its mark here as well. Only those businesses that can react quickly and organize campaigns to attract new customers or regain their old ones will survive. For this reason, it will be necessary to hire many new employees to participate in campaigns that will mitigate the effects of the crisis, and why not bring a profit as well.

Think about whether your business will not win if trust the selection of experts to fill the positions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are wondering how to choose who to trust for staff leasing partner, trust Horizons Bulgaria. More about the conditions and other information about the staff leasing service offered by us here.

Horizons Bulgaria is a licensed company in staff leasing services according to the last changes in Labor Code and holds a license for Temporary Staffing Agency.

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