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Executive search provides direct and confidential approach to idenfitying, attracting and inspiring high-caliber executives for our clients’ missions. Our executive search services are based on a customer – centred approach, deep understanding of the business needs and goals of our clients. Executive search in its meaning is an exclusive recruitment service, which companies pay to find and attract highly qualified candidates only for senior-level and executive position for private corporations, public companies.

The appropriate methodology is direct search, applied by a retained search executive search company. In Bulgaria the recruitment is a licensed activity and a freelance consultant could not legally perform the headhunting service. The executive search firm, as Horizons Bulgaria is going through confidential research of the availability of candidates, who already are working in competitors or related companies. Shortlisting candidates who match the client’s requirements is an important stage of the executive search process.  The consulting firm acts as an intermediary to contact the candidates and see if they might be interested in changing the existing role.
There are HR markets, where the executive search is used for lower positions, but it is essential that the service is expensive and appropriate only for high corporate level positions. It is typically used to fill strategically important roles, including CEO, CFO, COO, HRD, and CIO.

  • Top executive and senior management roles
  • Roles where defined and unique skills and experience are required
  • Roles and missions requiring high confidentiality of the recruitment service
  • Clients ready to partner with us when to attracting the best talent on board


This a proactive recruitment approach. The logic of the process here is opposite to the standard selection process, where the focus is on “filtering the weed” and the employers/recruiters are not active. In the executive search process the employing party is the active side that via the consultants proactively searches and offers opportunities to the best relevant executives in the industry. Executives are top level managers who are not actively looking for a new job. The focus is on discovering potential sources, identifying the right professionals and inspiring them via elegant career management, understanding their background and career aspirations.

It requires knowledge of the market place, valuable contacts at every level in industry and an awareness of current trends and issues that affect the business and hiring objectives.

Executive search assignments are delivered by dedicated teams of experienced recruitment consultants, specialized in direct talent acquisition and skilled in-house researchers. Often called headhunters that can offer Executive Recruitment Advisory Services and cann support client in the internal recruitment processes as an advisory and independent party to interview a candidate.

The Executive search service also research and conduct a confidential market mapping assignment to support current and future management talent needs.



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GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR HR clients requests
+359 886 83 71 81

Send us a request for recruitment


Research & Planning

market analysis and research, development of a road map of companies and individuals from contacts and referrals and existing network.

Candidate Contact

potential candidates are identified and contacted in confidence to ascertain their core competencies, career achievements and future aspirations, before presenting the opportunity and challenge of the role.

Qualifying Candidates

final stage candidates are interviewed and assessed based on the key aspects of the role including areas such as leadership, motivation, tolerance under stress etc.

Presenting the Short List 

discussion about the short-listed professionals with the Client, determinining their suitability and ensuring understanding of their career aspirations before engaging in interview process.

Interview Process and Negotiating the Offer 

preparation and facilitatation of expectations at interview and at offer stage, pre-closing for the successful hire.

Resignation & Transition

providing counsel and facilitating the communication regarding salary terms, resignation issues and the counter offer.

Assignment Review

debrief with the client the assignment, establishing areas for improvement and discussing future search assignments.

Onboarding of successful candidates

following up on the successful transition in the first months after the hire starts work with the Client.


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    Executive search firms, like Horizons Bulgaria specialize in identifying and recruiting top-tier candidates for senior-level and C-suite positions such as CEO, CFO, CIO, and other executive roles. These services often extend to niche professional roles that require specific expertise and experience. SEE MORE


    Horizons Bulgaria executive search practice has deep industry knowledge and a robust understanding of market trends and leadership qualities that are crucial for high-level positions. We utilize this expertise to assess the suitability of candidates not just based on their resumes, but also their potential cultural and strategic fit within a company. SEE MORE


    Unlike standard recruitment, executive search often involves proactive headhunting. Our consultants reach out to potential candidates who may not be actively seeking a new job but possess the right skills and experience for the role. They rely on extensive networks and databases of professionals to find individuals who meet very specific criteria SEE MORE


    Executive search processes are typically highly confidential to protect both the client’s and candidates’ privacy. This is crucial when recruiting for positions that are not yet publicly known to be open or when candidates wish to explore new opportunities discreetly.


    Executive search is a consultative process where Horizons Bulgaria works closely with the client to thoroughly understand their needs and strategic goals. The service often includes advising on the job description, salary benchmarking, leadership qualities needed, and long-term impact of the hire.


    Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency PEO in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code. EOR (Employer of Record) staff leasing is a service where a company hires a third-party organization to take on the formal responsibilities of employment. This includes payroll, taxes, HR tasks, and compliance with local employment laws. SEE MORE