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Play Mart International (“PMI”) is new to Bulgaria. As an international company, we have been relying on Horizons services to help us establish operations in Bulgaria by hiring highly skilled, talented, hard-working and dedicated employees specialized in marketing, design, logistics, manufacturing, and accounting. I am thrilled with the group of employees you’ve helped recruit. It’s our people that make us the best in the world at what we do! After working closely with you and your team during the past 18 months to hire a dozen employees for PMI, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your team for providing unparalleled service which has led to the successful recruiting of very talented employees for PMI.

Following a thorough tender procedure in 2018, “TELENOR BULGARIA” EAD has chosen “HORIZONS BULGARIA” OOD for its partner for personnel Search & Selection and Outplacement Services. In the course of the fulfillment of the Framework Agreement, the consultants of “HORIZONS BULGARIA” OOD worked on various assignments, offering complex and effective solutions, based on the specifics and terms of each project. TELENOR highly appreciates the professional consultancy and partnering approach deployed by HORIZONS team that lead to the successful finalization of the assigned executive search projects. We have received high quality and timely service, top level professional advice and support throughout the recruitment process.

We used Horizons services to conduct a challenging search for the hiring of a Country HR Manager who would lead a big HR team covering our EMEA operations. We needed the best available on the market and we had a demanding profile in mind. They showed profound knowledge of the talent market and understanding of the complexity of our organization, culture and mission. The person that was placed fitted all our criteria and eventually proved to be a very good hire.

Horizons helped us recruit a number of senior executives (Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager) and board members to manage our growth and ambitious goals. The internet media market was literary embrionic at that time and the search of relevant talent required creativity, flexible approach and client culture understanding where they excelled.

We needed a fast reaction from a local executive search partner that knew the market very well and was perceived a credible player. The mission was to help us find a new Country Manager to lead our Bulgarian business, solve critical challenges and grow our operation. Horizons was pretty persistent in delivering a number of short-lists with diverse compositions to guide our understanding of available leadership talent. The search was not easy as there was not a specific industry focus to source from. We wanted character, skills and reputation.  The market is pretty small and hence confidentiality matters a lot. They learned quickly what we needed, represented our brand professionally and helped us attract a top leader.

The training Digital marketing for HR professionals has helped me to broaden the vision and strategy of selection, to acquire the skills and knowledge, as well as the tools to reach the potential and proper job candidates. I liked that the discussion was based on real case studies coming from different sectors. Simulation of a decision in specific cases was also included. I would recommend this training to colleagues who are involved in selection process and to those working on the employer branding activities in the company.

The consultants from Horizons demonstrated a great deal of correctness, understanding and professional attitude in our search of Executive Director for our largest division CEZ Distribution generating billions in turnover. Having the state as a shareholder, the project was really demanding and with political nuances as we had to find the best candidate with immaculate reputation to please all stakeholders. A year later, we also trusted them to find a CEO for the Renewable Energy Unit of CEZ Group. Their professionalism resulted in the successful appointment of high level professional coming from another multinational energy player, who became an outstanding asset for our management team. 

Schneider Electric Bulgaria has worked with Horizons Bulgaria in their capacity of recruitment HR services provider for more than 6 years. During our partnership more than 15 significant recruitment projects were successfully completed, including senior management and deeply specialized key profiles. Due to support of our partner Horizons we manage to align our resources with the growth of our business and to increase the number of our employees in two years with 42%. In a period of hard times of crisis Horizons supported us with an outplacement project with success rate more than 80%. We value our partnership.

As a part of Linstrom Group Lindstrom Bulgaria works with Horizons from the very beginning of its operation in Bulgaria since 2010. We still trust them and   use their services for HR services in recruitment, staff leasing, and training. For a short period of time Horizons distinguished with their flexible and professional approach as well as their ability to cope easily with deadlines and to meet our high requirements. Horizons Bulgaria is trustworthy and reliable partner with qualified consultants, competent team of experts in the HR area.  Our partnership is sustainable and effective. Happy with their services we strongly recommend Horizons to our business partners and clients.