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Recruitment services can be categorized into different types based on the approach, extent of services offered, and the specific needs they cater to. Here are some of the common types of recruitment services

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Retained Recruitment

Retained Recruitment for expert level positions.Upfront Fee and Exclusivity: The company pays an upfront fee to the recruitment agency, and in return, the agency works exclusively on the vacancy. This arrangement often implies a higher level of commitment and a more in-depth search process.

Retained Recruitment (Executive Search)

Employers pay a retainer fee upfront to secure the dedicated efforts of a recruitment firm.
Suitable For: Senior, executive, or niche roles. By engaging a recruitment firm on a retainer basis, employers benefit from a dedicated search process that is both thorough and tailored to their specific requirements. The firm conducts deep market research, leverages extensive networks, and employs advanced sourcing techniques to identify and attract candidates who not only meet the technical qualifications but also align with the company’s culture and values.

 Temporary or Contract Staffing

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of temporary and contract-based employment. We maintain a pool of pre-vetted candidates ready to step into roles at a moment’s notice, ensuring that organizations can quickly adapt to changing market conditions without compromising on productivity or quality. For sectors such as IT, this means access to professionals with the latest technical skills and expertise, ready to contribute to critical projects or innovative developments without the need for a long-term commitment.

Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment firms like Horizons Bulgaria play a pivotal role in the modern workforce, specializing in sourcing and placing candidates in permanent and temporary positions within organizations. Our expertise and services are suitable for all levels of roles, catering to individuals seeking employment across a variety of industries. We operate as the crucial link between job seekers and employers, understanding the needs and requirements of both parties to facilitate the perfect match.

 Project-Based Recruitment

Agencies handle recruitment needs for an entire project or department.
Suitable For: Large-scale hiring, new project launches, or team expansions.

Bulk or Mass Recruitment

Recruitment for a large number of vacancies at once we  execute through our dedicated candidates marketing platform
Suitable For: Start-ups, expansion phases, or opening new branches.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

An external provider manages the entire recruitment process, or a part of it, on behalf of the company.
Suitable For: Organizations looking to streamline and externalize the recruitment function.


Directly approaching high-caliber candidates who might not be actively seeking a new job.
Suitable For: Senior, specialized, or niche roles.

Staff Leasing or Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Agencies hire and manage staff on behalf of companies, handling administrative and HR functions.
Suitable For: Companies looking to quickly scale or enter new markets. MORE ABOUT THE SERVICE 

Freelancer Platforms

Platforms that connect freelancers with companies seeking temporary or project-based assistance.
Suitable For: Short-term or specialized tasks.

Online Recruitment Platforms:

Digital platforms where employers can post jobs and search for candidates.
Suitable For: All kinds of roles, especially when quick hiring is necessary.

Diversity Recruitment

Focused on ensuring a diverse workforce by targeting underrepresented groups.
Suitable For: Organizations aiming to build inclusive work environments.


Horizons Bulgaria, as a distinguished recruitment agency

founded in the heart of Bulgaria, boasts an illustrious history extending over two decades. This period has been marked by our unwavering dedication to the Bulgarian market, along with our strategic expansion across the broader Balkan region. Our enduring presence and the success we’ve achieved serve as a testament to our deep commitment to addressing the recruitment needs of our clients and assisting them in navigating the often intricate recruitment landscape.

Our approach is characterized by a unique blend

of local insight and expansive regional knowledge, enabling us to offer comprehensive recruitment solutions. We pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of the markets we serve, which allows us to adeptly match exceptional talent with leading organizations. Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring we can meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether they’re looking for executive search services, specialized recruitment, or comprehensive HR consulting.

At Horizons Bulgaria, we are more than just a recruitment agency

we are a strategic partner committed to fostering long-term relationships with our clients. We achieve this by consistently delivering quality and precision in our recruitment processes, ensuring that both employers and candidates are genuinely satisfied with the outcomes. Our dedicated team of professionals employs a proactive and thoughtful approach, leveraging the latest in recruitment technology and methodologies to enhance our services and deliver results that exceed expectations.

As we look to the future, Horizons Bulgaria is poised for continued growth, with a steadfast commitment to innovation, excellence, and the success of our clients. Our mission remains clear: to be the preferred recruitment partner for businesses within Bulgaria and the Balkan region, providing unparalleled service and contributing to the success of the organizations and individuals we serve.