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IT recruitment In addition to our standard recruitment solutions we have developed different recruitment models that serve exclusively IT recruitment needs.  Horizons Bulgaria has profound knowledge and fundamental expertise in finding the best IT talents. We can be a global partner in the challenge of finding qualifyed IT personnel.

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The appropriate IT recruitment service will be identifyed corectly according to the project goals and time.


  • We offer standard IT recruitment services based on achieved results
  • We offer Recruitment as a Service – Onsite IT Recruiter
  • We offer Dedicated IT recruiter


Expertise: the project is led and performed by a specialist with the most recent and relevant experience in recruitment for the business Client’s area. Our recruiters are experienced, effective and proactive. Capacity and engagement: the dedicated recruiter works with priority for the client’s projects and has access to the talent database and to the best practical know-how.


Onsite recruiter® is a cost effective outsourced recruitment function replacing the need of hiring new specialist for the Client’s team or improving the quality and effectiveness of the existing hiring activities. Onsite recruiter® is specifically dedicated and engaged recruitment expert who works 100% for the Client at his office or at Horizons’ office and is using the expertise of our team of consultants.


Client receives quality service with added high value, a trained IT or Expert Recruiter
Cost-effectiveness: work for unlimited number of positions for the duration of the project and make unlimited replacements if needed. Fixed monthly expense
Shorter periods and confidential work with a trusted HR partner
Detailed knowledge of the individual needs for hiring certain people and the requirements to the searched professionals
Opportunity to use the service without additional headcount, only for a specific project or a shorter period of time


Our IT recruitment approach is focused on the results, we can provide candidates:

  • With top technical skills, all type of needed technologies and seniority. We maintain a network of IT candidates
  • We can deliver top IT candidates in short terms, headhunting the best professionals in the identifyed audience

Our IT recruiters are with strong technical background and understand each job position and technology in details. The know how to find hidden talents and attract candidates for new IT job opportunities. Our IT recruiters are passionate about IT recruitment and sourcing without limits.


The difficult discoverability of IT specialists requires a proactive search and connection with suitable ones through databases, communication in social and professional networks and direct contact, in order to carry out a conversation and study the readiness of the candidate to get to know and possibly be intrigued by the presentation of the opportunity. The dynamics of the human resources market require the use of this recruitment approach, as the only possible one. The competitiveness of the job offer made to potential candidates is essential in IT selection. Financial conditions are an essential condition for a possible change in IT specialists. Direct search, combined with attractive conditions and a competitive offer, are crutial for attracting personnel with IT recruitment.


Horizons Bulgaria also offers specific activities, IT personnel sorcing services. Every human resource selection process starts with market research and identifying the right specialists, finding them and reaching them. The activities thus described can be summarized in a complex of actions called sourcing. Sourcing is the most time-consuming phase of the selection process, as well as requiring a clear identification of the profile of the potential candidates who will be contacted and with whome the hiring process initiated.
We separated the SOURCING activity into a stand-alone service for the recruitment of IT specialists, with the aim of providing a solution that works on the benefit of all internal recruiters, allowing them to have a flow of candidates and focus on quality research, interviewing, attracting the right people for the company.


Regardless of whether the right service for our clients is headhunting or just the sourcing of IT specialists, Horizons Bulgaria provides these solutions for the selection of IT personnel, in a subscription format. Subscription services also provide different pricing, as the set goals and achieved results can be unlimited, and the fixed price for a subscription period can save a lot of financial resources, which usually companies pay in the form of a commission for a successful appointment. Within the subscription period, there is no additional charge for appointments.
Subscription services are an ancillary activity for internal recruitment departments and aim to outsource a significant part of the activity requiring time and more recruitment specialists.


GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR HR clients requests ☎ +359 886 83 71 81

Send us a request for recruitment





Horizons Bulgaria uses the HR expertise gained over the years to offer professional management of an employer brand.


The executive search assignments are delivered by our high-end consultancy practice for strategic talent recruitment – Horizons Executive Search.


Direct, proactive and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals in completive or relevant organizations.


Search and selection approach for recruitment at middle management and expert level positions.


The company offers its expertise in training, organizational development and human resource management.


Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code.