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EOR certificateThe Employer of Record (staff leasing) service can offer significant advantages for small and midium-sized business owners. The way it works is that instead of hiring employees directly, your staff are employed by an outside company–an employer of record. The staff leasing provider (Professional Employment Organization)  handles HR administration work including payroll, freeing your business of the burden typically associated with maintaining direct hires. Such service providers are also known as PEO – Professional Employment Organization.
By definition PEO means „Professional Employment Organization“. PEO manages wages, compensation and other payroll obligations for the human recourses of the client company.

Usually PEO has experienced HR staff, legal advisors, tax advisors, accountants.  Businesses are partnering with PEO, to reduce cost for administration and compensation, because Employer of Record is a service designed in favour of the employer.  Using PEO is a successful way to expand without a risk, without registering legal entities all around the world. PEO could acompaning the hiring challenges internationally, being compliant with the local legislation.


You as a Client also benefit from the flexibility provided by staff leasing service using human resources according to current needs. Your company is able to choose to hire people for a long term or for a short period of time without increasing the number of employees. Attract top talent in Bulgaria for IT, Executive and Expert positions
EOR offers candidates legal form of employment with competitive benefits and in compliance with local regulations.


When you hire a temporary employee, you can observe and evaluate that employee’s performance.  If you are searching for a candidate for a particular position, hiring a temporary employee may give you the time you need to conduct your rigorous search and still get the work done. If you determine that the temporary employee is not a match for the work you need to accomplish, even on a temporary basis, you remain uncommitted.


There’s no need for you as a Client to have expertise in finding high-quality talents needed for your roles. The professional employer organization will do it for them as additional service if it is needed. Horizons Bulgaria is the best choice for Employer of Record partner in Bulgaria.
PEOs are useful with the cost reduction for unemployment compensation. компаниите. Working with PEO is a great way for SMEs to offer their employees bigger benefits, without accumulating administrative weight.


When you hire a temporary employee, the staff leasing provider, also known as professional employment organization, takes on a number of responsibilities that remove a burden from you. They manage the payroll expenses and associated paperwork. With Horizons Bulgaria, your company will onboard employees in days. Employer of record is very flexible hiring solution,
which helps expanding companies to enter easilly every foreign market and particularly Bulgaria.


The professional employment organizations are trained to coordinate with tax agencies and other offices and comply with their required paperwork needed for new staff. With this, employers can assure that they will file these documents with minimal errors on their part. Hire in Bulgaria without hassle. With our Employer of Record service we help you onboard employees in Bulgaria and are 100% compliant with local laws.


Temporary employees can and do have a range of educational backgrounds, work experience and specialized skills. Historically, temporary employees performed projects that required non-critical skills. Skilled employees enable companies to undertake projects of a critical nature that have limits of scope and time.


In case of unnecessary human resource available you don’t need to pay solid dismissal compensation and to carry immense legal and reputational risk of staff redundancy procedures.


The cost of working with Professional Employment Organizations is usually cheaper than hiring accounting and HR professionals. Morеover staff leasing service also saves companies money in times of crisis, when the survival and adaptation of the business is crucial.


One of the great advantages small and medium-size businesses receive from employer of record solution is the ability to focus on their core business goals and competencies. Staff leasing lets someone else handle your HR administration work so you can focus on what you do best.

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