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Horizons Bulgaria specialises in search and selection method of recruitment for middle management and expert level personnel.

We combine the effectiveness of the direct search and the traditional approach of targeted advertising. We as recruitment agency benefit from our dynamic database of potential candidates and we assess the relevance of the professional and personal qualities of candidates in the context of our client company requirements. Before the start of every search we ensure a detailed understanding of our client business specifics and needs. In case that we doubt the success of a certain professional’s hiring we do not engage ourselves in the project and in the success of the selection.


The consultants in Horizons help their clients to create job description, compose advertisements and synchronise the employer’s requirements with the current status of the labour market, prepare media plans and a relevant introduction of the organization, publish advertisements in appropriate media and control the candidatures, research, interview and evaluate candidates, prepare their profiles and introduction as well as a short list of their advantages and disadvantages, take care of the logistics of meetings and the feedback, negotiate with the chosen candidate and help him/her through the process of changing the position and monitor his/her adaptation in the new company.


In case that after this process we do not identify the most appropriate professional or if there is a lack of candidates for the definite advertisement based on market reaction we do not stop there. We pursue the most satisfying for the client result, introduce a program for professional recommendation amongst relevant connected networkers and activate contacts from our previous projects or contact candidates whom we help establish a career.


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