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Horizons is a recognized brand in HR industry and a leading recruitment agency in Bulgaria. Our services as a consulting recruitment firm are covering various business sectors, like sales recruitment, IT recruitment, expert positions recruitment and executive search. Our staffing and recruiting services are part of many agencies portfolio, but the 20 years of experience we have, the outstanding quality and professionalism of our consultants, are making our offering outstanding for the market.


Recruiting the right people for your company can takе plenty of time. It’s a lot of work for an already busy business. Have you ever consider partnering with a recruitment consulting firm?

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Horizons Bulgaria was set up in 2003 as a daughter company of UK Headhunting Practice.
Then and now we cover the top, mid and expert level hiring needs of our clients. Moreover, we develop a strong and full HR services portfolio.
We are happy to have in our team HR consultants with business knowledge and industrial specialization, professional understanding of the business trends. They get to know you and your business and offer you a personal recruitment service.
Employees recruitment is an extremely dynamic activity that changes according to the market situation, available staff and technologies involved in the personnel selection process. If necessary, free staff in the labor market, analysis, research of free human resources as a potential for talent, is the real part of the selection process. When there is a shortage of staff, changes occur in the position of changing the way to provide free resources.

Stages and methodology for employees recruitment used:

Identifying the right audience is the first and most important step in starting the recruitment process. Identifying the right audience will also help in choosing a selection methodology, followed by clarifying how to establish the qualities of the candidates, through an appropriate interview.

The interview is an essential stage in the selection of staff and also has its variations.Depending on the information sought, the interview is structured, semi-structured and unstructured.
Depending on the position for which the interview is conducted, we establish communication skills and social qualities, cognitive abilities, teamwork skills, emotional intelligence and everything else that is important to learn about the applicant.
Interviews, in contrast to technological analysis, provide relatively subjective information.
We look at job applicants objectively and offer our clients information in a synthesized form, formed in a candidate profile, in which we exclude information that may provide a basis for subjective evaluation in the selection of candidates.
Such information can be age, photo or visual layout of the resume. The lack of such elements will eliminate decision-making that is not based on the professional qualifications of the candidate.

Filling in the information in the Candidate’s Profile

The design of the form is structured and identical for all selected candidates, it contains the most important information derived from the selection process, namely a review of the resume and interview.
Recruitment may involve reviewing many CVs, all of which look different. The unification of the information in the candidate’s profile allows our clients to view only important data about the applicants.


Clarification of the candidate profile

i.g. job requirements, definition and information gathering. Having a detailed and clear job description is crucial for the smooth recruitment process. The profile identification outlines the recruitment universe and the targeted audience.

HR Market Research

Identifying the talent pool size – available HR recourses is important stage of the recruitment process. Such activity is important part of the search in order to set realistic expectations for the client.

Recruitment stage

The recruitment process stages should be preliminery set –  as shortlist or number of interviews. They are the milestones of the recruitment progress.


  • Job descriptions and clarification of the talent fit
  • Publishing the opening in the most appropriate online job boards and social media
  • Promotion for better recruitment results
  • CV screening and shortlisting candidates
  • Generating competency-based interview questions
  • Conducting telephone interviews
  • Conducting face-to-face/online interviews and evaluate the candidates
  • Preparing their profiles and introduction as well as a short list of the candidates’ advantages and disadvantages
  • Taking care of the logistics of meetings and the feedback, both client and candidates
  • Negotiating with the chosen candidate and help him/her through the process of changing the position and monitor his/her adaptation in the new company


As with all of our recruitment services, we will work closely with you to provide the level of support that is right for you.
This could be the presence of our recruitment agency professional at your interviews, or us conducting your whole recruitment process from start to finish.
In case that after this process we do not identify the most suitable professional or if there is a lack of, we do extra mile. We pursue the most satisfying for our client result, introduce a program for professional recommendation amongst relevant connected networkers and activate contacts from our previous projects or contact candidates whom we help establish a career.



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Horizons Bulgaria uses the HR expertise gained over the years to offer professional management of an employer brand.


The executive search assignments are delivered by our high-end consultancy practice for strategic talent recruitment – Horizons Executive Search.


Direct, proactive and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals in completive or relevant organizations.


Deployment on client‘s site of experienced and dedicated recruiter(s) for a temporary or permanent base.


The company offers its expertise in training, organizational development and human resource management.


Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code.