The Employer branding service incorporates analysis, development and adaptation of a digital strategy to enhance the company employer brand.

The content of the service has two directions, depending on the course of each campaign – Internal Branding и External Branding:


  • Defining a clear vision and goals of the company’s employer branding
  • Defining long-term and short-term KPIs – Key Performance Indicators
  • Creating and implementing of media and digital strategy to improve the employer branding among employees
  • Creating and implementing an advertising concept for conducting internal company events aimed to increase the employees’ commitment and their development
  • Monthly monitoring and performance analysis
  • Creating and developing a strategy for improving internal company communication – company newsletter with the appropriate frequency
  • Defining of a long-term internal communication calendar – including events, approaches to communicate benefits and add-ons, regular messages, greeting and communicating the company events. Communicating the company’s values and vision by using appropriate means
  • Motivating employees and including them as ambassadors of the company’s employer branding
  • Creating and implementing the Concept Culture for Inner Sharing of Company Values
  • Exploring the reasons for recruitment, leaving, etc., through regular questionnaires on employee attitudes. Data collection by appropriate mechanism, processing and analysis
  • Concept of activities for retargeting the existing employees


  • Creating a communication strategy for social media
  • Regular information and digital support for corporate pages on social media
  • Streaming of video and photo materials of company employees in order to increase the value of the employer branding on the digital reach
  • Social Listening – Monitoring of conversations in the digital environment. Prioritize and process the independent feedback from former and current employees and customers of the company
  • Reporting and analysing of Conversation rate
  • Monitoring and optimizing the content of the company’s website related to the Human Resources section and attracting new employees
  • Creating landing pages when searching for key positions in the company
  • Digital optimization of job advertisements to attract more successful candidates
  • Optimizing communication with potential and active job applicants. Concept and choice of approach to identify new employees
  • Creating and communicating a digital concept for conducting external corporate and branch events to improve the company’s employer branding and attract successful job applicants
  • Employer value proposition – increasing the value of the employer branding


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