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HR Manager® is cost effective outsourcing of HR Management function

which replaces the need to hire HR professional, or enhances the quality and efficiency of current ones and department using the resources of top class HR expertise and a national team of HR consultants.

If your organization does not have a HR person, but needs help in the HR advisory… but you do not want to hire HR person, pay salary, manage and still use external services…
If your organization has such department/person but you still need to enhance your performance with best-practice know-how… and you want to manage effectively costs, get very good prices and still get premium service…


Organizations which don’t have HR departments and still need and understand the value of the function. Companies that would like to enhance their current HR departments/specialists with

  • access to external know-how
  • capabilities and resources
  • save a lot of time and money



  • Get Premium service for good value
  • Plan HR associated actions and costs
  • Receive VIP Customer Service
  • Get Access to a national data base of talent and best practice know-how
  • Save Money from rising HR specialist
  • Money-saving from using various HR services
  • Save time and enjoy working with real partner




  • 1 expert position per year of choice FREE of charge
  • All additional placements will be paid at EXCLUSIVE FEES upon successful placements
  • Client receives unlimited access to a qualified NATIONAL DATA BASE of talents (this means that in addition to orders by the client candidates will be also unsolicitedly qualified against client’s talent needs and pro-actively presented)
  • Client receives PREMIUM ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT AND TALENT PRESENTATION PRIORITY (i.e. all talents that are deemed suitable will be directed first to client recruitment needs before presenting them to other projects)


Training and team building

  • Free Training Needs Assessment
  • Preferential Price per training day for internal trainings
  • Training and teambuilding themes cover the whole range offered by Horizons
  • Tailor made training based on clients request as a conditional option


HR advisory

  • 2 hours per month FREE
  • HR consulting includes advisory on HR policy, procedures, processes, employer branding, legal, accounting and financial aspects on HR related issues (hiring, lay-offs, labor relations, payroll, leaves, dismissal, compensation), diagnostics


HR diagnostics

  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Customer Service Styles
  • Group effectiveness and synergy
  • Management and Leadership Effectiveness and Impact
  • Personal Behavior Styles and Attitudes
  • Motivation
  • Job Fit, etc.


HR Bulletin

Information Bulletin delivered quarterly free of charge

  • Includes a digest of useful and critical info for HR related issues on theme as:
  • Labor Legislation
  • Bulgaria related HR trends
  • HR news


HR Event Management

  • Teambuilding
  • Annual business meetings
  • Management and Sales meetings
  • Xmas parties
  • Parties with Teambuilding elements


Payroll outsourcing

  • Optional to the client
  • Outsourcing of all payroll activities of client
  • Offer will be made according to the specifics of the organization and the number of employees


HR shop

  • Books on Management and HR at preferential prices
  • Diagnostic Instruments and Tests
  • Business Simulations and Games
  • Complete list of Open Trainings
  • Variety of choices for designing successful incentive programs (health insurance, gifts and vouchers, ustomized programs)

Here you can download the brochure for HR manager with terms and conditions.


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A little about us

Our team consists of experienced business oriented consultants with strong professional background in identifying and attracting professional talent, career management and labour market research,training, development organizational change and project management. Each of us is experienced in the area of human capital, has managed teams, processes or business unit.

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