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Direct and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals working in competitive or relevant organizations. They have relevant roles with a focus of selling client’s mission. The logic of the recruitment process in headhunting is just the opposite compare to the standard selection process, where the focus is on “filtering the weed” and the employers/recruiters are reactive. Here the employing party is the active side. The headhunter proactively searches and offers opportunities to the best professionals in the industry. The focus is on discovering potential sources, identify the right professionals and inspire the chosen candidates via elegant career management. It is by offering them opportunities for change according to their expectations.

When this methodology is applied to top level positions it is called Executive search.  The executive search assignments are delivered by our high-end consultancy practice for strategic talent recruitment – Horizons Executive Search.


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GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR HR clients requests
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Headhunting is an essential recruitment strategy for companies looking to fill top, senior, and middle management positions. This targeted approach is particularly effective in situations where the role requires specific, unique skills or experiences that are not readily available in the general job market. Headhunting is most suitable under the following conditions:

  • Top, Senior, and Middle Management Roles: These positions are crucial for the strategic direction and operational efficiency of an organization. They require candidates with not only the right skill set but also leadership qualities and the ability to drive organizational change.
  • Defined and Unique Skills/Experience: When a job position demands highly specialized skills or a unique blend of experiences that are rare in the job market, headhunting is the most effective way to identify and attract candidates who meet these precise criteria.
  • Defined Sourcing Base: Headhunting works best when there is a clear understanding of where potential candidates are likely to be found. This could be specific industries, companies, or even geographical locations that are known to nurture the talent needed for the role.
  • The Client is Ready to Use This Service: Headhunting requires a commitment from the client, both in terms of time and resources. Clients should be ready to engage in this intensive process, providing clear specifications for the role and support throughout the recruitment process.
  • Attract Best Talent: Companies looking to secure the very best talent in their industry or sector can benefit significantly from headhunting services. This approach goes beyond traditional recruitment methods to proactively seek out individuals who are not just qualified but are also the best fit for the company’s culture and strategic goals.


  • Industry Expertise  – knowledge of the market, valuable contacts at every level in industry and an awareness of current trends and issues that affect the business and hiring objectives.
  • Research & Planning – market analysis and Internet research, develop a road map of companies and individuals from contacts and referrals and existing network, agree Project Management Program and key performance indicators.
  • Candidate Contact – identification and contact of potential candidates in order to ascertain their core competencies, career achievements and future aspirations. After this assessment we present them the opportunity and challenge of the role.
  • Qualifying Candidates – on the final stage candidates we interview and assess based on the key aspects of the role including areas such as leadership, motivation, and tolerance under stress.
  • Presenting the Short List – we discuss short listed individuals in detail to determine suitability and ensure that an understanding of their career aspirations is appreciated before engaging the interview process.
  • Interview Process and Negotiating the Offer prepare and facilitate expectations at interview and at offer stage, assisting with psychometric testing and in-house assessments, pre-closing for the successful hire.
  • Resignation & Transition– provide counsel and facilitate communication regarding salary terms, resignation issues and the counter offer, liaise with clients and candidates for a successful transition.
  • Assignment Review – debrief Project Management Program, discuss Management Report Document (retained assignment only), and establish areas for improvement, criteria for future search assignments.




Horizons Bulgaria uses the HR expertise gained over the years to offer professional management of an employer brand.


Horizons Bulgaria specializes in research and selection method of recruitment for middle management and expert level.


Direct, proactive and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals in completive or relevant organizations.


Deployment on client‘s site of experienced and dedicated recruiter(s) for a temporary or permanent base.


The company offers its expertise in training, organizational development and human resource management.


Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code.