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When we talk about trainings

… we still remain great recruiters and headhunters.



The model

… that we use to organize a training program is similar to a recruitment process.

You identify what kind of training you need

If you are not aware, you can share the problem or the need that instigates (provokes) your interest, and we will help you to define the areas in which you need external consultants and trainers; we give you advise about the programs and options that are attractive on the market.

You define the budget line

…, time frames of realization of the trainings; other resources and factors that you want to take into consideration. If you are not aware how much money to spend, we can consult about the prices.

We’ll find the optimal way

… for your needs and give you advisory options.

Horizons works with some of the best trainers in Bulgaria, which are freelancers. These people are experienced trainers, who are masters in a certain business field. Some of them have business oriented job and do it as a sideline.

Horizons has a wide database of trainers in various training fields and in specific industrial sectors.

Horizons can find for you trainers from abroad and can offer you unique solutions for the employee development.

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