Valuable and ethical service dedicated to companies who decide to downsize their personnel in order to operate cost cutting, as well as to those companies that, for any reason, decide to reduce part of their managerial and/or expert staff.


  • Career counseling on motivations and capabilities
  • Competency based interviewing and evaluation of employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Proficiency of efficient recruitment tools: resume and motivation letter writing
  • Identifying, targeting and seizing opportunities: job searching
  • Interview skills and best self presentation
  • Group workshops and behavioral strategies
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Integration in Horizons’ candidate data base
  • Priority presentation to clients and job openings
  • Recommendations assistance by Horizons


  • Protection of company’s image and employer branding
  • Avoidance of trials – layoffs create a lot of negative feeling among fired employees, their families and fiends
  • Avoidance of “Lay-offs’ survival syndrome” (the employees who are still working in the company feel guilty that they have survived and know that they are next; in this situation they feel future danger and react with lower motivation)
  • Cost cutting – by using outplacement as effective tool for reintegration of employees instead of  paying compensatory salaries to a large number of employees
  • Ethics – as it provides a way of transmitting the right image to the employees laid off and to the public
  • Re-Integration opportunity – Don’t fire all bridges for return!


  • Assistance through a difficult period especially psychologically
  • Professional  and confidential consultancy by trained recruiters
  • Increase of the pool of opportunities by targeted, intelligent approach to labor market
  • Access to services otherwise expensive to purchase on oneself

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A little about us

Our team consists of experienced business oriented consultants with strong professional background in identifying and attracting professional talent, career management and labour market research,training, development organizational change and project management. Each of us is experienced in the area of human capital, has managed teams, processes or business unit.

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