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Horizons Bulgaria is a licensed company in staff leasing services according to the last changes in Labor Code.


Your Staff Leasing benefits as our client are:

  • You can determine the conditions and characteristics of the work and functions
  • Control, information and evaluation of performance
  • Selection and/or approval of the offered employees


What we do:

  • Selection, recruitment, management
  • Labor contracts – preparing, registering, concluding, termination if necessary
  • Remunerations – calculating, preparing, payment, generating relevant documentation record
  • Regular reporting
  • Administration of all processes related to the  performance of the employee


When and for whom is staff leasing appropriate?

  • Foreign companies and NGOs, who are not (yet) registered in the country
  • Organizations with little personnel, who do not consider it profitable to hire a person with such functions
  • With temporary projects that require additional resources – promotions, marketing research, campaigns, seasonal hiring, temporary hiring, when the risk of laying off that staff is with the consultant company
  • Headcount and payroll limitations
  • Public companies who wish to reduce the income /cost to the number of personnel ratio
  • Reducing administrative load for the HR department


Financial aspects of the service

  • Remunerations, health and social payments, taxes and other payments are handled by the consultant, based on a detailed report to the client
  • The consultant adds a service price on top of the above mentioned elements, the price being calculated according to the number of employees, type of work, the period of  using the service
  • The total amount for the service could be fixed per person, per group of people, and as a percentage of the remuneration as well. It could also include a guarantee for replacing employees in case of resignation or leaving, for new recruitment and other conditions

Horizons Bulgaria is a licensed company in staff leasing services according to the last changes in Labor Code and holds a license for Temporary Staffing Agency.


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