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Here we present to you some tips you might find useful in the search of a new job, the process of application and career development.

Most people drive through life looking in their rear view mirror and judging the future by the past. They have a really good view of where they have been and mistakenly think the future will be similar to the past as they make decisions based on their previous experiences. Even though past experience gives a base for the future, there are many employability factors to take into account as you plan to grab one of the best jobs in 2010 and beyond. READ FULL TEXT

 The job interview is the most important moment in a job seeking process. It is something like a “first date”. It actually defines the future of whether there will be a second one and the employer will continue the relationship. The job interview is a process which a job seeker should inevitably undergo successfully in order to get the desired employment. It is critically important that you make a good first impression. You might find the following tips useful and helpful in a future job interview. READ FULL TEXT

 Your CV is the first thing an employer sees when they check your application. If your resume has a photo of you in it, this is in a way an introduction which helps the employer to form an idea about you even before the interview if he/she ever decides to invite you to one.  The choice of a picture can significantly influence this idea in a positive or a negative way. That is why choosing the right photo is very important and it has nothing to do with the way you actually look. To be sure you are on right track here are some simple rules to follow. READ FULL TEXT

 Interviewers use a lot of strategies to choose the right candidate. They’ll ask certain questions and even play mind tricks that’ll make you reveal exactly what kind of worker you are. Through surveys conducted by Leadership IQ, a leadership and training provider, Mark Murphy divulged tricks for recruiters to use during interviews in his book Hiring for Attitude. We’ve taken Murphy’s most useful tips for recruiters and compiled them for the interviewee. READ FULL TEXT




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