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Our flexible recruitment methodology refers to an approach to recruitment that is adaptable and tailored to the specific needs of the organization and the role being filled. This methodology involves using a variety of sourcing and screening techniques to find the best candidates for a particular job opening, and adjusting the process as needed to ensure that the organization is attracting the right talent.


1. Job Postings: Posting job openings on job boards, social media, and the organization’s website to attract a wide range of candidates.
2. Referrals: Encouraging employees to refer candidates from their professional networks.
3. Headhunting: Reaching out to candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but who might be interested in a new opportunity.
4. Networking: Attending industry events, trade shows, and job fairs to connect with potential candidates.
5. Applicant Tracking Systems: Using technology to track and manage candidate applications and automate some parts of the recruitment process.
6. Behavioral Assessments: Conducting assessments to evaluate a candidate’s skills, personality, and fit with the organization’s culture.

By using a combination of these techniques, Horizons Bulgaria develops a recruitment process that is flexible and adaptable, allowing our clients to adjust to changes in the labor market and the needs of the organization. This can result in a more effective recruitment process and a better match between the organization and the candidates.
In our work we adopt two basic recruitment methodologies following the HR specifics of the client assignment as sometimes a combination is possible:


standard reactive recruitment with focus on media job posting communication, sourcing, assessment and candidate selection with elements of direct recruitment.


pro-active direct recruitment approach with a focus on identifying and sourcing the right talent from competitive environment and attracting them for our clients mission.

GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR HR clients requests ☎ +359 886 83 71 81

Send us a request for recruitment


Play Mart International (“PMI”) is new to Bulgaria. As an international company, we have been relying on Horizons services to help us establish operations in Bulgaria by hiring highly skilled, talented, hard-working and dedicated employees specialized in marketing, design, logistics, manufacturing, and accounting. I am thrilled with the group of employees you’ve helped recruit. It’s our people that make us the best in the world at what we do! After working closely with you and your team during the past 18 months to hire a dozen employees for PMI, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your team for providing unparalleled service which has led to the successful recruiting of very talented employees for PMI.

As a part of Linstrom Group Lindstrom Bulgaria works with Horizons from the very beginning of its operation in Bulgaria since 2010. We still trust them and   use their services for HR services in recruitment, staff leasing, and training. For a short period of time Horizons distinguished with their flexible and professional approach as well as their ability to cope easily with deadlines and to meet our high requirements. Horizons Bulgaria is trustworthy and reliable partner with qualified consultants. Our partnership is sustainable and effective. Happy with their services we strongly recommend Horizons to our business partners and clients

Schneider Electric Bulgaria has worked with Horizons Bulgaria in their capacity of recruitment HR services provider for more than 6 years. During our partnership more than 15 significant recruitment projects were successfully completed, including senior management and deeply specialized key profiles. Due to support of our partner Horizons we manage to align our resources with the growth of our business and to increase the number of our employees in two years with 42%. In a period of hard times of crisis Horizons supported us with an outplacement project with success rate more than 80%. We value our partnership.



Horizons Bulgaria uses the HR expertise gained over the years to offer professional management of an employer brand. Employer branding refers to the process of creating a positive image and reputation of an organization as an employer, with the goal of attracting and retaining top talent.


The executive search assignments are delivered by our high-end consultancy practice for strategic talent recruitment – Horizons Executive Search. Executive search is the process of identifying, recruiting, and selecting top-level executives and leaders for an organization, typically conducted by an external search firm.


Direct, proactive and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals in completive or relevant organizations. Headhunting is a form of executive search in which specialized recruiters actively seek out and approach highly qualified candidates for senior-level positions in a targeted and confidential manner.


Deployment on client‘s site of experienced and dedicated recruiter(s) for a temporary or permanent base. Recruitment as a service (RaaS) is a subscription-based recruitment model in which an external agency or firm takes on the responsibility of sourcing and recruiting top talent for an organization, typically as part of a longer-term partnership.


The company offers its expertise in training, organizational development and human resource management. HR training refers to the process of developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of HR professionals through various forms of education and training, with the goal of improving their effectiveness in managing human resources in the workplace.


Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code. An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party organization that takes on the legal and administrative responsibilities of employing workers, including payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance, while the workers perform their duties for another organization.

GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR HR clients requests ☎ +359 886 83 71 81

Send us a request for recruitment