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trainingIf you need to make a change in the organization or establish or reorganize its human capital management function, the consultants from Horizons can assist you in solving the particular problem or need. We organize or conduct an audit of the HR policies and practices. We navigate local market and its specific ways and stepping on our international experience, in conjunction with our clients, we find business solutions that bring outstanding results.

If you think that your business has some of the following problems:

  • Your employees are not active and initiative in their work
  • Employees are not motivated enough
  • Duties and responsibilities are not well divided
  • Communication between the business units is not on the required high level
  • There’s no system for arrangement of the specific tasks and evaluation of the results
  • There is no teamwork and cooperation between individual employees and teams
  • There are omissions in the structure and in the available positions
  • You want to know how to hire new people
  • The employees need to increase their managerial and performance skills and qualifications
  • There is no system for remuneration and bonuses, which actually shows the contribution of each person to the overall performance of the company
  • There is high turnover due to the dissatisfaction and lack of qualifications

We can help organizations by:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the human resources, business processes, policies and procedures
  • Design and implementation of projects about organizational development, especially designed and professionally adapted to the needs of your company
  • Creating an overall system for human resource management
  • Consultations for your HR professionals and guidelines for effective methods and instruments in the HR management in the company
  • Structuring and restructuring of the individual business units
  • Improvement of the interaction, the communication, the feedback and the control at all business levels
  • Development of a company standards, policies and procedures
  • Establishment of a system for calculation of remuneration, bonuses, compensation and motivation packages corresponding to the performance of each employee
  • Help in planning and evaluation of the performance – attestation (assessment) system
  • Preparation of job descriptions and functional descriptions meeting the modern requirements
  • TRAINING IN ALL TOPICS related to the employees or managers, based on your specific development plans, needs and challenges
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Communication Skills

Training in “Communication Skills” aims to enhance the ability of individuals to convey, interpret, and understand messages effectively, both verbally and non-verbally. Good communication is fundamental in both personal and professional settings, serving as the bedrock for relationships, collaboration, and understanding. Deatils >>>


Training in “Teamwork” is designed to improve collaboration, enhance group dynamics, and boost productivity within teams. Effective teamwork is essential in almost every professional setting and is foundational to the success of projects and organizations. Deatils >>>

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Training in “Problem Solving and Decision Making” equips individuals with systematic approaches to tackle challenges, come up with effective solutions, and make informed choices. Such training is vital for leaders, managers, and professionals across all fields. Deatils >>>

Emotional Intelligence

Training in “Emotional Intelligence” (often abbreviated as EI or EQ for Emotional Quotient) is designed to help individuals recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions, as well as recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others. Deatils >>>

Time Management and Organization

Training in “Time Management and Organization” equips individuals with the tools and techniques to effectively manage their time, prioritize tasks, and maintain organization in their professional and personal lives. Deatils >>>

Critical Thinking

Training in “Critical Thinking” aims to enhance an individual’s ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in a logical and objective manner. It’s crucial for decision-making, problem-solving, and understanding complex situations. Deatils >>>

Adaptability and Flexibility

Training in “Adaptability and Flexibility” is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. Such training equips individuals to deal with unexpected challenges, learn from them, and evolve. Deatils >>>

Leadership and Motivation

Training in “Leadership and Motivation” aims to cultivate skills in leading and inspiring teams or individuals. This training can be invaluable for managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs, and any individual aspiring to take on leadership roles. Deatils >>>


Presentation skills are a critical competency in many professions, especially when it comes to communicating complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner. Deatils >>>