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New job or career through the “Golden Apple of Success” 2017

New job or career through the “Golden Apple of Success” 2017

Tips for a successful career


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Prepare and complete the CV! Send it to the consultants of Horizons, a recruitment agency, and they can help you improve it! Review and revise, if necessary. Create your LinkedIn account to meet your ambitions.
What job are you looking for? Do you aware of the job market? Have a talk with consultation with the Career Center at Sofia University and / or the Career Center at the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology or with the consultants of Horizons Agency. When meeting with our colleague, he / she will guide you to clarify for yourself what your talents, professional interests, strengths are. You will receive valuable information on how to look for a job, what is the current state of the job market.


Have you chosen what fields you want to work in? Do you know enough about them – what professional skills are required, what positions are most wanted. Research them through verified sources and through friends who work in them.
Research the companies you want to work for. Prepare with information about the company, its competitors and the positions it offers. You don’t have to remember everything, but show that you have a real interest.
Prepare your CV on paper or a business card, if you have one.


A few days before the “Golden Apple of Success” 2017, start the practical preparation for a quick meeting with employers. Make a simulation of a job interview. Try to answer questions like “Introduce yourself”, “What are your strengths?” Prepare questions that are important to you when choosing a job or internship. Play situations with questions on your CV.
Dress business and be confident. This is not a job interview, but a professional acquaintance. The employer is trying to “sell” you a position, and you are looking for career opportunities. It is important to find out if you have common views.
Follow the rules of good manners. Thank you for your time and, if you are more interested in a position or company, request it in a short e-mail, attaching your CV.
We are expecting you on April 27, 10 am in the Hall of Sofia University!