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Useful tips and advices for Recruiters and job Applicants

How long period does it take to obtain a job offer and what to expect after the interviews? Nikolai Nikolov – Managing Director, Horizonssee_more

 May 2009 – Changes and trends in personnel recruitmentsee_more

Each individual in the organization is motivated from different things. Therefore your approach should be individual, too.see_more

Remember that the best way to inspire your employees to perform better is to attest your support and trust to them.see_more

Create a network of contacts with talented people in order not to waste time and efforts when a vacant position shows up.see_more

A tourist was walking about a Japanese country when he came across two heavily armed samurai with swards who were dressed in kimono. He asked them “Who are you?” “Well, we are the Seven Samurai”, they answered. “How’s that possible – there are only two of you?” he gasped in amazement.” You know, there’s deficiency of people.”see_more


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 Middle management and expert level personnel.see_more

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Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency see_more


Check out our open training topics and more see_more

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We offer our expertise in analysis of the HR policies and business practices effectiveness and where needed …see_more

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As professionals with broad practical experience, we could assist the development of specific individual…see_more


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