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Company Formation аnd Employer of Record Solutions in Bulgaria

Company Formation аnd Employer of Record Solutions in Bulgaria

Very often our clients are interested in Bulgaria as a business destination because they want to have access to the local talents.
With talent capacity, especially in technology and support area, it’s no surprise why foreign companies want to have and develop their teams in Bulgaria. Foreign companies have a few options to think about when lookout to grow their business in Bulgaria.
The first option would be for foreign businesses to partner with an Employer of Record (EOR) in order to hire employees in Bulgaria. Another choice would be for companies to do company registration with their own legal entity in Bulgaria.

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record is a third-party company that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another firm and is in charge of administrative and payroll operations. Utilizing an Employer of Records enables businesses to legally and efficiently gain with foreign workers either in a new country, without a company registration or risk ovesteping local employment legislation.
How can your company utilize company formation and EOR services in order to grow your business operations in Bulgaria? Find out more about it!

Employment Services in Bulgaria

Many companies search to outsource their staffing in order to relieve payments and legal difficulties when developing their business in Bulgaria.
Employment services provide firms the chance to explore the local labour market before they register a new legal entity. Small businesses can take advantage of it. By hiring an employee in Bulgaria, small business owners are able to overpass the cultural misunderstandings in the organization.
The new local employee will normally have awareness of Bulgarian business manners and local laws. This gives your business the opportunity to form a reputation, make a network, and get in touch with your target market.

Despite of where your location is, working with an employer of record means that you will gain the advantage of directing your employee in Bulgaria. With this solution, you are obtaining new valuable member to your team.
Moreover, your employee will have a better knowledge of your company, vision, and values thus supporting you to foster your business strategy. It is also a very profitable operation. Particularly for smaller businesses, development with poor resources means that hiring the right applicants is a key matter.

Why choose Horizons Bulgaria’s employer of record solutions:

  • Manages payroll operations, calculating payments and salaries
  • Communicates with a dedicated expert – a single point of contact
  • Complies to the high standards of safety, data security and data processing dependability
  • Supplies bilingual employment contracts
  • Offers local legal advisory

Click here to learn more about what employment solutions Horizons Bulgaria offered. By outsourcing HR operations through employer of record, companies will gain outstanding benefits, saving time and money.

Company Formation in Bulgaria

Because of Bulgarian legal complications, recent tax reform, and foreign trade fencings, company formation in Bulgaria can be a burdensome operation. However, there are many distinct factors why Bulgaria is becoming an attractive environment to start a business.
Starting a business in Bulgaria means that the population will buy your product or service you plan to supply if you know that the demand is there.
Moreover, beside Sofia, there are also nice cities in Bulgaria that cultivate a business-friendly culture and atmosphere.
Small businesses are inclined to open in cities like Sofia because of the greater quality of life out there and the European spirit and culture. There are many factors to weigh when deciding where to start your business here.

If your business is ready to enter the prospering Bulgarian business culture, you can trust that HorizonsBulgaria ’s experienced consultants. They will support your organization achieve its full capacity and cross you through the tough incorporation operations.
Entering the Bulgarian market does not have to be tough. Horizons Bulgaria’s team of professionals will direct you steadily so that you can grow into the Bulgarian market with confidence and comfort.
Contact us now and learn more about our company formation and Employer of Record in Bulgaria!