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What is staff leasing?

Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code as of 2012.


The temporary staffing

…or staff leasing formally is a business service where one legal entity – temporary job agency/consultant hires and provides to another legal entity – user company/client, personnel under its management and control. This service is provided for a certain job completion or for replacement of an employee, who is absent from work.

This service is a flexible solution for our clients

… who need new or additional employees, but don’t want to or are unable to hire them permanently as their own staff. The reasons for this could be diverse – legal restrictions, hiring of staff for certain peak activities during the year, corporate policies, as well as optimizing certain activities through outsourcing of non-specific activities and job functions.

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Staff leasing

Horizons Bulgaria is licensed as temporary job agency see_more


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