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The benefits of working with an executive coach

The benefits of working with an executive coach

When discussing what coaching is I constantly stumble into the assumption that this is an approach that helps only people who have some kind of “problems” or a deficiency or are just stuck and need to be pulled out and brought to their “normal” status-quo. This is a serious misunderstanding of coaching.

Coaching is neither a consultancy where a consultant would tell you what to do. Nor it is a therapy where a therapist would help the individual “fix” certain problems or heal past wounds.

Coaching is an interactive partnering process and is appropriate for individuals who are truly interested in expanding their potential. They are ready to get out of their comfort zone and stretch their boundaries in order to gain a deeper sense of purpose and clarity in their lives.

This is why in the last decades coaching has been recognized widely as a powerful tool in the business arena. Successful executives are individuals who carry the DNA of champions. They are intrinsically interested in both personal and professional development. They love to make a positive impact on their organizations and employees.

The usual mission of an executive coach is to help their client gain awareness over the different aspects of their busy lifestyle leading to better control, balance and improvement of their overall performance. It often helps the leader maintain or even increase their position.

How can an executive coach help you change for good your business and life?

  • Most C-level professionals are great strategists and thinkers but many are not strong enough in communicating their ideas with their employees and by that attracting them to their mission. Improving the communication skills is one of the most important zones where an executive coach can have a positive impact and add great value. Once communication runs well, the good results will not take long.
  • Brainstorming partner – quite often executives are all alone when they have to take decisions about different situations and they lack a trustful partner to help them out when brainstorming ideas and choosing a direction for action. The executive coach can be their best partner in this. The coach’s approach is non-judgmental, non-intrusive, confidential and extremely ethical. Suggestions can only be given with the permission of the client.
  • As strange as it may sound for non-executives, it is really hard for leaders to get real feedback on their performance. While at the same time they need it badly and more than anyone else! Too often there is nobody within the organization who will openly share their opinion about their boss’s performance, even if asked to do so, family members do not really see whole puzzle and so many executives remain blind-folded on a major piece of information related to their success. Working with an executive coach is a smart solution to filling in these gaps. A great coach will serve as a crystal mirror and will help to identify the areas where improvement is needed while ensuring full confidentiality and emotional comfort. In addition the coach will be happy to work further on those zones.

Many people in the business world think that hiring a coach may make them look weak to their staff or partners, but it is indeed a pure act of confidence, wisdom and a demonstration for the leader’s strive for continuous improvement.

In today’s’ challenging and constantly changing business environment, working with an executive coach gives the opportunity not only to save time, prevent costly business mistakes, raise your personal and company performance, but also to keep abreast with the best leaders and practices of our time.

Author: Teodora Atanassova, Certified Professional Coach and strong professional in the field of executive search and management consulting.


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