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My 9 Reasons to be a Recruiter

My 9 Reasons to be a Recruiter

Recruiter as a profession in Bulgaria has evolved a lot in the last 15 years.

From an administrative role to which get access a small number of lucky ones, nowadays it becomes more necessary and wanted even than the role of a trader and manager. Moreover, this is the specialist of whom increasingly depends on the success of the company. Recruiter is a lucky guy and every employer would like to have a few top experts of them according to their needs.

At the moment it is almost as hard to find a good and experienced recruiter, comparable even with the difficulty in hiring a programmer or software engineer. On the other hand, this job is not veiled in secrecy, mystery and glamour, as in those days when the job market was strongly dominated by employers.

Trying to earn interest and to conquer the hearts of future and current HR professionals, here are my reasons to want to be a recruiter:


  1. I have influence on the destinies of people. Yes, I’m PRO and can help many people to get a much better career and change their life for good. Recruiter can advise, can provide valuable information about the job market and the right time for a career change. Interacting with a recruiter can give you a perspective from above, may cause a person to love even more his job, company and position. Recruiter can be an opportunity to receive more from your current role. Thanks the recruiter who is connected with you, do not ignore it! Rejoice that you have attracted his interest.
  2. I have a direct business in the country and the region. Yes, I have the power to attract the best professionals, I am the reason why a business would be without employees, and to give priority to my client against competitors. I insensible make the difference, but tangibly influence the key positions in each branch.
  3. I can earn well. The job of a recruiter is among the high-paying jobs. The best recruiter knows how to deliver results, to attract the right professionals, and to earn money. I could work hard and get a big bonus. I can negotiate and sell well my expertise and that of the candidates. I am able to maintain better the value of the service I provide.
  4. I can define when and how to work. As a recruiter, I can choose which projects to accept and which not. I can distribute and organize my work on the best suitable way.
  5. I can work from home or any quiet place with internet. I no longer need to have a face to face interview every time. I can work on projects in almost anywhere in the world. The phone has been invented, I have Skype video connection to keep in touch with candidates and clients. It is sufficient to have my smartphone, laptop or tablet. Well, yes – can not live without social networking, but I’m getting better in online search and social recruitment.
  6. I can learn and grow. Working with the best companies in the hottest industries I learn about every business and every client. I do not work a lifetime for one company, and I have the privilege to know dozens of companies, to get access to hundreds of managers and their experience, to learn from thousands of specialists.
  7.  I can enjoy myself. As a recruiter I attend events, conferences, meetings and cocktail parties. I am a social animal and I met the most interesting and competent professionals.
  8. I am a trustworthy person and I am a professional. I know how to keep a secret and I’m discreet. I have information on what is happening in the business before the others. I apply business ethics and keep my word.
  9.  I keep getting better, learn from peers and mentor new team members. I share my experience and help my colleagues getting better too. I train my nerves and I have daily challenges, but it makes me better person and professional.

Therefore, again and again I would choose to be a recruiter. You also would choose this career and do it with Horizons Bulgaria. If you lack courage, become our customer and work with our premium-recruiters and consultants!

Autor: Nikolay Nikolov, Managing Director, Horizons Bulgaria

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