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The job interview is the most important moment in a job seeking process

It is something like a “first date”. It actually defines the future of whether there will be a second one and the employer will continue the relationship.


The job interview is a process which a job seeker should inevitably undergo successfully in order to get the desired employment. It is critically important that you make a good first impression. You might find the followingtips useful and helpful in a future job interview.

Exercise yourself in the art of interview in advance

You can simulate an interview in front of a mirror or with a friend of yours. At the beginning it might feel funny, but keep on going. That can really help you to be prepared. Try to imagine the questions they might ask you. Arm yourself with ready answers. Have fun.

When you go to a job interview

make sure that you are prepared with information about the company, their business, organizational values,competition, the market and the role itself. Do your homework and make the research online. All you need is there. If you have to, you can print that data. You do not have to remember everything and it makes good impression when you bring folder, documents and staff to write notes.

Dress well and formally

Do not underestimate this advice. The way you look is at utmost importance. At thesame time do not overdress – no expensive jewelry, phones or evening outfits. Try to look business and formal according to the industry style and company culture.

If you smoke, do not smoke before the interview

or go to places where is filled with smoke. Do not eat food that could be sensed by the interviewers as well. There are such that are very sensitive about this. Fresh perfume is a good idea but you do not want to exaggerate there too. Chewing gum is not recommended.

When you are waiting for an interview with other job seekers

, try to interact with them. You can findout important information about the job or to learn about other job opportunities.

Do not be late

By no means. Do not be late for a job interviewever. There are no excuses for this, which might help you. If it is inevitable, just hope that you will be the only interviewee that has showed up to have a chance.

Use body language

A smile is a must. Solid hand shanking works also very well – yes, you ladies too, (for gentlemen: do not overdo this especially with female recruiters). Look people in the eyes, this speaks about openness and attention.

If you are nervous before the interview

do not fight that feeling. In most cases this is normal. Especially if you are new to job seeking. Try with deep breathing, fast walking and fresh air. We already mentioned smoking. It is likely that coffee before the meetingwill also enhance your nervousness. Remember that most recruiters are also tense during an interview. Although this might seem like a routine task for them, they are also worried about their professionalism and performance. You should take this event as meeting between peers that have the chance to learn more about and like each other. Or not.

Speak up and in a confident manner

Do not mince words. There’s à greater chance that your voice trembles if you mumble quietly.
Do not interrupt and listen. Your desire to share everything about yourself quickly might make you seem like a „little puppy looking for love“; and thus create a wrong impression for immaturity, lack of experience and impatience. Look into the questionsand do not be automatic. Think. Some recruiter might ask you unusual questions and do not follow a standard structured interview process. If you do not understand the questions do not feel afraid to clarify what is meant.

Ask questions. Show curiosity

Atipfor champions: prepare smart questions before the interview, such that show your interest about the business as a whole, the structure of the company, the market, sales. Do not forget that all employers love to talk about themselves. Give them a chance “to sell” you their company mission and the job.

Try to be more interesting in your answers

Do not answer with clichés. The people who will interview you are probably conducting tens of interviews per week and are likely to be fed up with standard answers. Try to be different and entertaining without crossing the border. If asked “What kind of job motivates you?”do not answer “working with people”. You can do better and be more creative and specific. This gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. Do not be fooled that they will prefer you without personal chemistry.

At the end of the day do not forget

that your end goal is not to have a brilliant interview but a lovely job. That’s why you should ask questions that will help you find out if that is going to be the case. Share directly what motivates you about a job without talking about money. That is clear.

If you have to share a weakness or a problematic moment in your career, be open and honest. “The other types of answers” are always sensed by experienced interviewers. Just try to formulate the facts in a way that your awareness, growth mindset and desire to change are clear. Be specific. Show them what are the lessons learned from this experience and the potential benefits for you and your employer.

If you have to talk about money, speak freel

Share your expectationsand be realistic. Define your ranges. Try to relate your price to the potential added value you will have for the employer.
Attend, smile and learn from everything.

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