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Node.js Developer

Node.js Developer

If you are a talented developer tired of working on Corporate products and looking for awesome projects to work on, apply at DevOps today.

Typical projects example:

– Advanced Privacy solutions
– Decentralized Internet made from scratch
– E2E encrypted emails/chats
– Custom P2P File-sharing protocols
– Faster VPN protocols

Requirements to join the team:

– You are passionated about Computer Science/Engineering and have >= 4 years of practical experience in a related field
– You have extensive knowledges in JS (Native/Node), HTML5/CSS3, Linux and Network protocols. Your skillset and engineering “know-how” is impressive
– You are currently using Linux or MacOS as your primary workstation, Windows just feels “tolerable” for gaming or for testing code
– Native JS feels like english to you
– You have a great understanding of multi-threaded programming with practical experience
– You are positive, friendly and motivated
– You have passed our onboarding test

Your Responsibilities At DevOps:

– Actively participate in the development of applications in NodeJS and C++/Rust
– Love to learn on-the-fly, fixing a snippet in a language you don’t know should be no problem
– Work in a Linux environment (and loving it!)
– Not letting things you don’t know hinder your work progress, you know that active and constant research is key
– Be interested and involved in all development stages with your teammates

Extra qualities that are valued:

– You love coding natively (w/o frameworks), you don’t fear technical challenges, even if it’s not within your usual comfort zone
– Good understanding of today’s online privacy issues (that includes knowledges about TOR Network, VPNs, Encryption)
– You love open-source in general, even if you are not a contributor yourself
– You use P2P technologies (such as BitTorrent) regularly
– Using encrypted chats both for your work and personal communications makes sense to you

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