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Staff leasing, temporary employment and the new reality after the pandemic

Staff leasing, temporary employment and the new reality after the pandemic

What is staff leasing?

Temporary employment, also known as staff leasing, is a business service in which one legal entity ( firm providing temporary work hires and provides staff to another legal entity under its direction and control staff under his direction and control. This service is provided to complete a job or to replace an employee who is off from work.
The service is a flexible solution for companies that need new or additional employees, but do not want or are not able to hire them permanently.

Governments around the world gradually loosened measures and businesses can breathe a little more freely. However, do not let that fool you. We are far from returning to the situation before the pandemic.

To be honest, this will probably never happen again.
We are facing upheavals in almost all industries and only those who can adapt will survive.
This means you need a change in almost all levels of your business, including recruitment and hiring.

Staff Leasing is the most safety and effective solution for your business needs in a situation like this.

The keyword here is an adaptation, as the situation will continue to change constantly. At the moment, no one can predict with absolute accuracy what the world will look like in months or years. You may have spent resources hiring and training people for positions that would then be unnecessary. You may have forgotten to create positions that could be life-saving for your business.
Whether you have to remove positions, create new ones or start temporary projects, which will help you not only to “keep your head above water”, but also to stay ahead of the competition, staff leasing and temporary staffing are the most appropriate tool for this.

Staff leasing allows you to focus on anticipating change and developing a strategy, while specialists, like those at Horizons Bulgaria, find and select the most suitable staff for you. All this will be done without unnecessary commitment and will enable you to assess the needs of your company and respond quickly to changes.

Staff leasing and temp staffing will save you a lot of time and money, which is vital in a situation of severe economic crisis.

It is an exaggeration to say that every penny counts, but the proper allocation of resources has not been so important for years.
Not to be overlooked is the fact that temporary jobs and staff leasing will prove to be preferred form of employment for many people in the coming years.
Just as business is shifting, people are looking for their new positions in the new reality, which the biggest pandemic in a century has created. This means they will also avoid being too engaged to a specific company.

Think about whether your business will not win if trust the selection of experts to fill the positions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are wondering how to choose who to trust for staff leasing partner, trust Horizons Bulgaria. More about the conditions and other information about the staff leasing service offered by us here.

Horizons Bulgaria is a licensed company in staff leasing services according to the last changes in Labor Code and holds a license for Temporary Staffing Agency.

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