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Temporary workers hiring enables you to adapt to any situations with flexibility. Employee absences – including sick leaves or maternity leave, vacation, illness or long term trainings – can take your staff away when work cannot wait. Temporary staffing lets you continue the work flow uninterrupted. In some industries, seasonal variations and peaks increase the temporary need for workers. In other instances, growth spurts within a business that are of unpredictable duration lead to a need for temporary help. The ability to utilize a temporary work force allows you to respond to changes in the marketplace.

When you employ a temporary worker, you can observe and evaluate that worker’s performance. If you appreciate and approve of the individual’s performance, you can request that worker for future assignments. If you test that person’s abilities and determine the worker is a match for your company, you can offer a position. If you are searching for a candidate for a particular position, hiring a temporary worker may give you the time you need to conduct your rigorous search and still get the work done. If you determine that the temporary worker is not a match for the work you need to accomplish, even on a temporary basis, you remain uncommitted.

When you hire a temporary worker, the employment agency takes on a number of responsibilities that remove a burden from you. They do the recruitment. They screen applicants, including skills testing, and in some cases provide software training and tutorials. They hire the workers, manage the payroll expenses and associated paperwork.

Temporary workers can and do have a range of educational backgrounds, work experience and specialized skills. Historically, temporary workers performed projects that required non-critical skills. Skilled temporary workers enable companies to undertake projects of a critical nature that have limits of scope and time.

In case of unnecessary human resource available you don’t need to pay solid dismissal compensation and to carry immense legal and reputational risk of staff redundancy procedures.

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Search and selection approach for recruitment at middle management and expert level positions.see_more

Executive Search

The executive search assignments are delivered by our high-end consultancy practice for strategic talent recruitment – CEO Search.see_more


Direct, proactive and confidential approach to high-caliber professionals in completive or relevant organizations.see_more

On site recruiter

Deployment on client‘s site of experienced and dedicated recruiter(s) for a temporary or permanent base. see_more


Project management of training needs, performance with best trainers in Bulgaria.see_more

Staff Leasing

Horizons provides hired and administered temporary staff under client’s operational management.see_more