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Trade Academy

In a dynamically growing sales environment, it is crucial that traders get the knowledge and skills in order to secure the profits of the organizations for which they work for.

The purpose of the current Academy is, in a detailed way, to make the traders familiar with all the basic knowledge that they need to reach their customers and make successful sales.

Academy’s modules

Module 1. Main trading skills

  1. Sales- step by step
  2. Types of products
  3. Explore client’s necessities
  4. Trader’s personality
  5. Main methods of sales
  6. Time management for traders

Module 2. Proactive sales

  1. Search and Selection of Clients
  2. Proactive presentation of the company
  3. Proactive presentation of the product
  4. Cold calling
  5. Building of a network

Module 3. Presentation skills for traders

  1. Presentation of captivating presentations
  2. Specifics while presenting a product or a service
  3. Analysis of the auditory
  4. Aims and structure of the presentation
  5. Nonverbal communication
  6. Dealing with troublesome auditory

Module 4. Sales strategies

  1. Target groups and making profiles of potential clients
  2. The market and the competition
  3. Strategic marketing
  4. Strategic alternatives

Module 5. Communicative strategies on dealing with client’s objections

  1. NLP communication for traders
  2. Strategies on dealing with objections
  3. Managing difficult clients

Module 6. Managing and maintaining relationship with clients

  1. Realization of the first contact with a client
  2. Managing a clients’s portfolio
  3. Relationship with key clients
  4. Technics for negotiations with clients

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