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Training Needs Research

Training Needs Research

Despite our rich experiance, Horizons Bulgaria always strives to learn something new about organizational life. That’s why we launched a new initiative in order to diagnosing corporate practices for HR management and organizational psychology. The purpose of these researches is to understand where one company positions itself in relation to others in the context of HR.

Horizons will regularly publish various researches. The final results will be useful mostly for HR specialists. However, it also will support the managers and employees.

This initiative will help you improve your human resources practices by a comparison between you company and other organizations, and the way they develop their talents.

We are currently researching the effectiveness and need for in-house training.

Some data from the study so far:

How many times per year are training sessions in your team / company?

  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • Over 7
  • Something else


On what topics are the most frequent trainings?


What most often leads to the need for training?

  • Advanced training
  • At the insistence of senior management
  • Turnover
  • Low results
  • Others


In view of the reliability of the study, the full results will be published when we have a representative sample.

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