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Only for HR and Training Managers

Unique promotion!!!

Only for HR and Training Managers! (and people oriented CEO’s of course)

The year is getting close to the end.

Do you have unspent money in your training budget?

Are you sure you will be able to justify training budget for the next year at all?

We know that even in situation of uncertainty and crisis the investments in staff DEVELOPMENT shouldn’t stop.

The deep understanding of that makes the difference between the real professionals and the survivors in the business world.

HORIZONS Development offers you unique opportunity to plan and purchase training programs for the next year with IMPRESSIVE discount if you manage to do it before December 22, 2008.

We also have a surprising bonus for everybody who will contract us for that promotion. You could purchase individual diagnostic using Human Synergistic instruments of one staff member FREE.

(We also have some more bonuses for CEOs)

Invite our consultants to a meeting, where we could discuss the details of our promotional offer and they will help you “to sell” the idea internally.