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Initiative for Bulgarians abroad

Bulgarian Expat Managers and Experts Wanted!

Horizons will be proud to get in touch with all Bulgarian professionals that are working abroad on management positions. They are good at what they do and are considering the opportunity to come back home! We believe that Bulgaria desperately needs your talent, accumulated experience, international thinking, positive mentality and global network. Scacety of managerial capacity is global.

The recent economic and political developments has created a market situation that is fruitfull of business opportunities. Additionally it is a good career challenges that will justify the move. Although still on the bottom side in Europe, salary levels on management and executive postions are starting to make sense bearing in mind the standard of living and let alone the price of “shopska salad”.

Even if you have no idea about what is the real situation around but you are interested, let us know – may be you will know good people to recommend!

Let s get in touch.