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How to hire employees fast in pandemic

How to hire employees fast in pandemic

Understanding how to hire employees with the right background and skill set you require means knowing how to handle a problem. The hiring operation is usually costly and sometimes it is a bitter experience. Even as the effects of the pandemic begin to slowly go down, that same hiring process can be discouraging.
Probably you will get a great bunch of received CVs. Firstly, you screen and consider the top applicants and that might consume much time – hours or even days. Then you have many phone screenings, video interviews, some kind of assessment and interview tasks, and reference checks if needed. All this happens when you’re already overloaded with work and combined with the challenges of leading a remote team.

In a present-day Robert Half survey, 64% of senior managers said the negative impact of bad hiring is more important today than it was just before the pandemic started. And above all, you really need to do it right. Having an inappropriate placement means more disorganization for your team and company. It is also a waste of precious time and money.
Having said that, how do you hire employees when you’re distracted, pretty busy, stressed and just want top talent for the open position now?

We have a few encouraging tips to attract and hire the top talent who can bring maximum value to your team and organization.

  • Mind the job requirements

The pandemic is slowing and changing the economy, and it influences the whole world, even though COVID-19 begins to decrease. Whatever the situation of your job market and whatever opening you’re recruiting for, preparing a thorough and exciting job description is critical in attracting and hiring best employees.
Add some updates or shift some responsibilities, especially if the job description has not been adjusted soon.
Be aware that not all talents are going to be best fits. Just add enough information to attract job seekers who are suited for the opening. Mention the abilities, background and certifications the candidates must have. Moreover, say how you will assess and measure the successful profile of you best fit.

  • Use net and network

Beside posting the opening on your career page on your website and on job boards that suit your business area. But you should post and share the job ad on your corporate’s social media pages too.
You may also like to ask for referrals, especially your teammates and contacts in your professional network. They can be a great source of passive candidates. These are the professionals who may not be actively seeking for a new job, but are incline to considering a new career change.

  • Take your time for applications review

Assessing the CVs and other application materials is a boring and tough job. But being precise in your review is an important stage in evaluation of whether an applicant’s background aligns with the requirements for the vacancy.
During your CV exploration, seek for keywords and phrases that fit these in the job requirement. This will reveal whether the applicant researched your job post and attempted to respond to your job needs.
Lastly, think about how effective your job applicant was at their present or past position. Do they understandably explain the added value they brought and how they supported meeting business aims? Don’t shortweight yourself here. You want to hire employees who can adapt your open roles and make an impact.

  • Prepare yourself deeper for the interviews

Before the interview, choosed interview questions will allow you to swiftly assess whether a job seeker has the abilities and behaviors you’ve identified as critical for the opening.
Preparing a systematic structure enables you to ask the proper questions. Moreover, having a teammate/s participate in one interview can save time in your employees recruitment. It also can provide different points of view to the same answer. There are limits to our notions, so we tend to miss matters that aren’t within our area of expertise or are unanticipated.
Explore how well the applicant prepared for the interview by assessing their understanding of your organization and industry. At least, but they have to understand and appreciate the company’s product/service and mission.
While your interview meetings will naturally take different courses, be sure to ask all applicants the same general questions. And describe what makes your organization and its culture special. Remember, interviews are a two-way street: you want to find the right fit for the vacancy, but an applicant will want to be equally engaged about joining your company.

  • Our hint of how to hire employees

The successful employees recruitment consumes a lot of energy and time, especially when you do it alone. That’s why many hiring managers will partner with a specialized employees recruitment agency for professional support. At Horizons Bulgaria, we have almost 20 years of experience placing specialists with clients for any kind of middle and top level positions. Our recruitment consultants are also supporting firms hire remote employees, an important business need as long as the pandemic keeps so much of the workforce at home.
The process of hiring employees shouldn’t be a painful thing. Let us support you and find the professional you need to get your business through this disrupted economic environment. We move quickly because we realize that your need is critical.

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