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Communication Academy

It has always been clear that communication between people is the most important aspect of the working process.


The Communication Academy refers to organizations that want to change completely the way of communication, both personally and at an organizational level. The academy combines all aspects of communication that the managers and the employees need in order to work in a well-informed environment.


Academy’s modules

Module 1. Main parameters of the communication process

Here will be discussed the main parameters of the communication process. What are the goals of communication, how to send messages in a way that we can be understood.

Module 2. Managing conflict situations by communication

There are many ways to deal with conflict situations, but the discussion is the only way a conflict to be resolved in a way that everybody would benefit from it.

Module 3. Emotional intelligence

As social creatures, people need an emotional connection with others. Ergo, emotional intelligence is the most important aspect of communication that people need so that they are able to learn how to communicate with the others in the most efficient way. An important part of this module is the process of active listening without interrupting- a key factor for successful exchange of views and conflict management.


Module 4. Giving and receiving a feedback

Feedback is the strongest verbal motivational method. We cannot escape from giving a feedback, but when we still haven’t mastered the art of giving a feedback, we can very easily demotivate the person we give it on.


Module 5. Assertiveness

All of us may have had an idea that failed to be realized in the best way. In this section you will be trained in defending and imposing your opinion in an unaggressive way.


Module 6. Communication channels in the organization

Formal and informal channels for communication within the organization and their optimization in order to create better informational flow in the organization.


Module 7. Optimization of the communication by email

Emails are the main link between the organizations with the external partners and with the internal structures. But often too much time is wasted on redundant letters with too many sentences that waste the employee’s time.
Module 8. Optimization of the staff team meetings
The team meetings are an indispensable part of every organizational life, but they often take too long, while the employees are scattered about talking about topics that are unrelated to the organizational life and, above all, are not directly affecting everyone. The operational optimization will lead to optimization of the time for the whole team, development of individual skills for brief presentation of information on specific points; prioritizing and classifying of information in the sense of important – unimportant, meaningful – less significant.

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