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Benefits of Partnering with Executive Search Firm

Benefits of Partnering with Executive Search Firm

Large or small, the world’s most successful businesses, ensure that investment in key people is carefully considered and delivered by the professional services of an executive search firm. Prosperous hires at top C level, senior management and operational level can be a great asset to a business, processes, profit, and motivation of their teams.
An executive search company can prioritize what is important to a company’s success when identifying their next executive. These professionals will support you building the right office dynamic. When you choose the right firm for your business, it comes down to relationships, trust, and knowledge.

In this article we take a look at the advantiges of partnering with an executive search firm.

  • Cost and time efeciency

Sourcing, interviewing, and qualifying candidates is really a full time job. The time saved by partnering and entrusting an executive search firm has a great value.
Wrong hires C and Top Executive Level really can destroy a business. At least set back strategic development plans that would take years and massive investment to fix.
Having in-house recruiters who may have not inexperience with hiring executives conduct the search is not efficient. It increases the chance of hiring the wrong person for the position.
Partnering with an executive search company will be an investment. However, ask yourself how much it would cost for the role to remain vacant while you try to fill it yourself or the business to make the bad hire?
The real cost will almost be more than the fee you will pay the of an executive search partner.


  • Specific market knowledge and expertise

Many companies believe they have the resources and skills to hire an executive on their own. However, simply posting the opening on job platforms or the career page of your website is not going to be enough to hire a top executive.
Executive search consultants spend their days engaging with strong passive applicants who are not active in the job market. They will partner with you as an extension of your team. These professionals take the time to learn and understand the key areas and deliverables you are trying to achieve within your organization. In addition, vetting out the culture fit in addition to uncovering the intangible assets a person has to offer is just as important as the skill fit.

An advantige of working with an executive search firm is that they will advise you. If the profile of your perfect fit or bonuses package on offer is not realistic to the market, they will tell you before the search starts.

Keep in mind that top executives are not seeking for new openings on the job boards. They’re employed, passive, and busy leaders. On the other side, executive search consultants have built up connections with top executives over the years. Moreover they have access to these very inaccessible people and their networks.


  • Confidentiality and discreet approach

Confidentiality is of the greatest importance for both the company and the professionals looking an executive level position. Working with an executive search firm will keep the search active while maintaining privacy for the company. Meanwhile you will receive top-notch, hand-selected persons who have been properly reviewed on the base on criteria set out during your initial meeting.
Sometimes you may need to replace an underperforming executive while they’re still in their current role. This type of search requires confidentiality and trust. An executive search firm will be able to discuss what traits and qualities were lacking in the current executive and work to find a candidate that meets all of your specifications.

These are just some of the advantages of using an executive search firm when looking to hire a new leader. If you use a professional service of the executive search to find you the best talent, the return on investment can be much higher and have a greater impact on your business.
If there is a need to hire directly from a competitor it can be risky and making the direct approach yourself can potentially damage a previously strong relationship.
Executive search professionals are mastered in making subtle, direct approaches to understand a prospective candidate’s interest in a possible move and whether the available role, salary and culture fit at your organisation is something that could change their mind.

Whether you are expanding leadership, planning for succession or replacing a previous executive, using an executive search copmany can help move your organization forward. For more thorough information on partnership with Horizons Executive Search, please contact us today. We are here to support you build a great team!

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