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Academy for managers

Management of people is one of the most difficult and responsible tasks faced by organizations.

For the management to be assured that their young managers will lead their business to success, they have to be well – trained before jumping into the challenge of being a manager.
The academy’s goal is to “equip” the young managers with all the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes about what is it like to manage people. What is more, the academy is a good base for development and turning managers into good leaders, who will assure prosperity.


Academy’s modules

Module 1. The role of the Manager in the organization

Main administrative functions
The essence of management
Functions, roles and tasks of the management


Module 2. Personal efficiency of the manager

Personal time management
Personal setting of goals
Stress management
Assertiveness and presentation of ideas

Module 3. Communication and conflict management

Essence of communication
Communicative processes
Channels for communication
Effective conflict management through communication and discussion


Module 4. Recruitment and introduction of the employee

Job analysis
Briefing for the internal recruiters
Technics for conducting a successful interview
Job Offer phase and negotiations with candidates
Introduction and adaptation of the new employee
Output interview in case of quitting and analysis of the reasons

Module 5. Team management and building a motivation

How to convert the group into a team?
Teams management through the organization’s values
Team’s roles and how to use the members strengths?
Diagnostic of the team efficiency and culture


Module 6. Setting goals and allocation of the tasks

Management of short and long term goals
Monitoring of the achieved goals
Choosing the right task for the right people

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