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What does a perfect CV look like?

What does a perfect CV look like?

“What does the perfect CV look like?”

This is a question that every candidate

asks in the desire to present himself in the best way to employers.

We will start with the answer and then we will look at the explanations.

The perfect CV is one that is prepared especially for the specific company and for the specific position.
There is no single resume to send to all companies – this is the biggest mistake. For professionals with many years of experience, this is even more important, as it is possible to have experience in different industries and in different positions.

Of course, there are components that must be included in your CV. These are:

  • Name and Surname
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Place of living
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Qualities related to the work process

It is recommended to add:

  • Photo
  • Date of birth
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Recommendations


The first selection on recruitment is based on applications, so you have to present yourself very well in writing to get a personal interview. The company has well described requirements for candidates. Do you meet the requirements? Yes, great – show it in your CV by describing in detail the activities you have been involved in the previous companies and the qualities you have acquired. No, you did not meet the requirements? So why are you applying? If you still want to work in this position – indicate your motivation and how you would contribute to the company to justify your application.
Example: if you apply for a job at a financial company, then focus on what duties you have had so far in financial companies or financial duties in such non-financial. Your job as an event organizer will be useful, but not the most important thing. If you are applying for the position of Customer Service Specialist – describe the positions where you have developed your communication skills, where you have consolidated your language skills. If you are dealing with Sales – we are sure that you will be able to “sell” your application!

Uniqueness – this is important for any CV.


Already quite a worn out topic, so here we will be brief. Europass – a good choice if you’re wondering what to choose. The information is systematic, the text is orderly and you will not go wrong. Online platforms – original, but let’s not overdo it. Stick and “join” in 2-3 pages. Stick and “join” in 2-3 pages.

The LinkedIn profile is the new CV format!

LinkedIn is a social network with a business focus. There you create network of people with whom you could be partners or clients, you can also meet your new employer. Each company’s profile has an “Open Positions” section, so send your CV directly!
We could call LinkedIn a “CV format”. There you can add Photo, Resume, Experience, Education, Qualities, Recommendations. There is also an option to extract all the information from your account in PDF. Here is the finished CV! The advantage – HR specialists can find you on their own if you are suitable for their vacant position. Conclusion – fill in your profile diligently and conscientiously, because it could only help you.


Recruitment is a complicated process. The channels through which a company reaches the candidates are different – through job ads, social networks, database with candidates, network, recommendations. Every organization with ethical principles treats all the people in the same way.
And whether you sent your CV with the publication of the ad or just before it expires – it does not matter. If there is a job opening, then there is still no selected person.
In conclusion, we will give you a piece of advice: „ Be yourself and do not lie, both in your CV and in an interview. Sooner or later the cards are revealed. And if it’s too late, it’s an unpleasant situation for both you and your employer. ”

Author: Hristina Ivanova, HR Consultant for

Photo credit: Freepik

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