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Our client **VelaClinic Children’s Clinic** is a specialized health facility operating 24/7, designed for the outpatient treatment and prevention of childhood diseases from the first days after birth up to adolescence. The clinic offers subscription-based medical services and constant informational communication with parents – via reception, phone, email, and a mobile application.

The work environment at the medical center adheres to principles of humane treatment towards every child patient, dictating the high professional ethics of the entire team. Strong unity, teamwork, professionalism, and continuity of the medical staff in diagnosing ensure the appointment of appropriate treatment and monitoring of each patient. VelaClinic follows the process until the complete recovery of every child.

The exceptionally high interest in the services of the medical center in Sofia and meeting the patient needs necessitate the expansion of the clinic’s team of pediatricians.

Pediatrician (Sofia)

A position with full commitment to the medical center and working on a schedule.
Minimum 3 years of experience in the specialty.


Routine Exams: Conducting regular health checks to monitor the physical and mental development of child patients
Diagnosis: Recognizing and diagnosing diseases and conditions in children, including infectious diseases, injuries, and chronic illnesses
Treatment: Prescribing medications and therapies, managing treatment, and monitoring recovery
Vaccinations: Planning and implementing a vaccination schedule to protect against various diseases
Healthy Living Advice: Providing guidelines for proper nutrition, physical activity, and overall health
Assistance in Emergency Situations: Responding to emergency medical cases involving children

Required Skills

Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively with children and their parents
Empathy and Patience: It’s important for pediatricians to show understanding and patience, especially when working with young children
Attention to Detail: Accuracy in diagnosing and treating
Ability to Quickly Solve Problems: Essential in emergency medical situations

Development Opportunities

The clinic offers a calm and supportive work environment, a united team, and positive patients
Long-term commitment and opportunity for professional development
**Exceptional financial conditions**
Relocation assistance for candidates from Bulgaria

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