Qualified staff from abroad

11% of employers in Bulgaria are looking for qualified people outside the country. These are the results of a study of Manpower Bulgaria’s workforce “Borderless Workforce research”. According to the survey the engineers, who come mainly from Germany and Britain are very attractive to the

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Positive tendencies on the labor market

In 2011 an increase by 23% of published positions was reported for the first time since 2008 according to Jobs.bg’ manager Plamen Voushev during a press conference on: “What is Jobs.bg and how it works? Data of the largest media career in Bulgaria Jobs.bg show

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4,5 % Less Employed Per Year

About 45,5% of the population of Bulgaria who are above 15 years old have work. Data of the National Statistical Institute show that the percentage of employed people is reduced with about 4,5% per yearly base. It is down to 2,94 million people for the

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The Beauty Moves the World

Nikolay Nikolov, Recruitment Manager at Horizons Bulgaria was interviewed by TV7 about “Does Beauty pays off in the search of a job and what will be your salary?” In the discussion with Mia Santova he gave the Bulgarian point of view on the subject. According

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The Human ReSorcerer

You’ve tried it both at home and with external support and it still doesn’t show the results you expected? Mixing a high dose of professionalism and a significant portion of commitment to the client. The Human Resorcerer brings to life outstanding results for your HR

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Horizons in new office

Horizons team has a new office building in May.

New Edition of Strategic Sales Workshop

STRATEGICS SALES WORKSHOP – NEW EDITION  Horizons Development in partnership with Infoteam Bulgaria will conduct for the second time a half-day workshop with focus on Strategic Sales.

Horizons Development Workshop

Horizons Development in partnership with Infoteam Bulgaria invite you to a half-day workshop with focus on Strategic Sales Seminar. MEASURE AND MANAGE SALES SUCCESSFULLY

2009 Summer Training Prices

SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES FOR TRAINING SERVICES In August Horizons offers a special price – 700 EURO for a training day.