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One Day Manager Initiative

Horizons Bulgaria took part in the JA Bulgaria One Day Manager initiative.

The aim of the initiative is to help career development of students by getting acquainted with the real work of the institution or company within one business day. This year’s 17th edition took place on 30th of October.

Our guest as Digital Communications Manager was Izabela Bashliyska. She is a first-year student in New Bulgarian University, specialty Advertising. She has graduated from the National School of Ancient Languages and Cultures “Constantine Cyril-Philosopher” in Sofia. Izabela’s scope of interests is in advertising and marketing in social media. Her future plans are to acquire a master’s degree abroad, but after that to return back and develop professionally in Bulgaria.

Isabella shared with us her impressions after the end of the working day:

„Horizons is a very interesting and innovative company. They do not just “headhunt” people, they connect in a special way with each of their clients. The atmosphere in the office is cheerful and friendly, yet professional. I learned a lot of them just for one day. My line manager for the day was Dimitrina, who was full of knowledge and interesting information that I was glad to get. It was a great day and I hope to meet with the team again.”

The team with Izabela

The Certificate