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1. What ration of the total staff can be hired for temporary job execution?
In accordance with the last Labour Code Changes in 2012, the total number of the workers and employees assigned through temporary staffing agency in a company user cannot be more than 30% of the total number of the staff. Според измененията в Кодекса на труда от

2. In what case there cannot be a temporary staffing labor contract?

Workers cannot be assigned through temporary job in case of first and second category of labor, in companies related to the national security, country defense or in companies where there is a strike.
3. Who is responsible for the duties to the worker?
There is a mutual responsibility on behalf of the employee both by the temporary staffing agency and the company user, with regard to the performance of the assigned task.

4. How can the labor relation be terminated?

That kind of labor relation with the employee assigned under temporary staffing can be terminated:

  • with completion of the assigned task/job;
  • with the return of the substituted employee back to work;
  • in case of registry termination of the temporary staffing agency;
  • in case of termination of the agreement between the temporary staffing agency and the company user;
  • If the employee signs a labor contract with a company which is not a temporary staffing agency;
  • With a notice period initiated by one of the parties and with accordance with the Labor code.