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For special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, corporate events.
Adapted corporate identity involves creating visual elements and marketing materials that reflect the spirit of a holiday, special occasion, corporate event, anniversary, while maintaining and strengthening the company’s brand. This identity can include an adapted logo, updated corporate design, promotional materials, greeting cards, adding graphic elements to websites and social media, all adapted to the festive/special theme. It is important that these elements combine the festive mood with the corporate vision of the firm, so as to increase brand visibility and strengthen the connection with customers and employees during the festive season or the period of a special event.

Examples of adapted corporate identity may include:


Adapting the logo with festive elements such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, candles, or other symbols that reflect the specific holiday.


Creating festive banners that are used in marketing campaigns during the holiday.


Greeting cards for gifts, for employees. Welcome, Goodbye! An individual card with a personal message is a memorable gesture for every employee and partner.


Design of electronic cards or video greetings sent to clients and partners. Adding an adapted signature to email messages creates a sense of innovation and development in companies.


Festive design of profiles and posts on social media to create a festive mood and engagement. Adapted materials, logos, and banners are easily applied to any social profile.


Every special occasion needs a message, motto, greeting. A special message can also be used in greeting cards and personal gifts to employees and partners.

Each of these elements should be carefully planned and match the styles and values of the company, so as to strengthen the brand, not dilute it.