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Horizons has advanced to the point on which we want to share with you our expertise.

This is why we are happy to present you our innovative training on the topic:

We created this training provoked by the increased difficulty finding qualified employees.

The training is specially designed to be most flexible and adaptive to your various needs, so


  • „Employer branding” and making the employees to stay.
  • Recruitment strategy.
  • Recruitment process, swift filling of vacant positions.
  • Cooperation between management and HR for succeeding on the competitive market.


  • Reasons for the difficult finding of employees.
  • Building up Employer Branding.
  • Receiving support and cooperation by the top side of the management.
  • Support with the creation of a strategy and its implementation in the organization.
  • Understanding and defining the recruitment needs.
  • Priorities and the correct choice of a candidate.
  • Interview structure and types.
  • Types of evaluating questions.
  • Profits of the quality feedback.
  • Phase “Job Offer”.

This training is a suitable instrument for reaching the designated company goals via recruitment and retaining the right person.

Horizons has developed this training joined by a lead trainer with over 10 years of successful business experience in team leadership of directors and over 300 employees in 3 countries – England, Bulgaria and Canada, having done over 3000 interviews in different institutions and levels in the organization.