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The minimum support for a single person per month

In order to have a normal life, every Bulgarian needs 547 BGN per month. This information is according to a study by the Institute for social and syndical studies of the Confederation of Independent Trade-Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) for the period April – June 2012. The chairman of the organization Mr. Plamen Dimitrov had reported the update. However this sum includes only expenditures on food, utilities and clothing.

According to the study, 27% of Bulgarians live under poverty line, which is 205 BGN for a single person per month. Data show that for the second quarter of the year the minimum support has increased with 20 BGN per person.

It is a matter of new reseach how the shocking increase in the price of electricity from the beginning of this month will affect this sum. Mr. Dimitrov mentioned CITUB was insisting on an urgent meeting of the Council for Tripartite Cooperation. So it could discuss measures which would compensate the small and medium enterprises and the general population.

The unionists insist on a one-time “winter” social benefit of 20 to 50 BGN. So that people will low income can pay their higher energy bills at the beginning of the cold season. It is also proposed that all salaries in the public sector and all pensions are increased with 10%. Mr. Dimitrov was adamant that if these propositions were not discussed and approved. CITUB was ready to organize demonstrations in the fall.

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