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The Connection between Spirituality and Career

The Connection between Spirituality and Career

How often have you heard defining your career is an inside job?

If so, or even if you have not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you now looking for work out of desperation?
  • Are you more concerned about getting the job just because you have the skills or because the job appeals to you?
  • Are you applying for everything and anything you can put your hands on that you think you may qualify for out of “guilt”?
  • Are you doing everything that the career gurus say to do (at least the ones you find for free on the internet) to find a job, but feel deep inside that there is something still missing?
  • Did you take their advice, get the job, and once you got there ended up wanting to leave after the first week, month… you get the picture.
  • If you are buying into the song and dance that “the economy” has something to do with why you may still find pieces missing in the work you are doing, no worries, you are not reading this by mistake. If we are perpetually using the “economy” or some other reason why we are not finding our dream job or finding a job at all and blaming others – our boss, our co-workers, our spouses, significant others, etc., guess what happens?

Correct – square one. By defining our dream work from an inner perspective, we are literally creating enormous possibilities.


It never ceases to amaze me when I witness my clients make that shift to knowing without a doubt where they are going next in their careers, and exude confidence.

However, I must confess not everyone is ready in his or her life cycle to make this shift. It can bring up a host of feelings such as regret, guilt, resistance, and even anger at even having to look within for the answers.

My question to you is, are you ready?

Here are a few examples of steps you can take to get the inner ball rolling:

Relax and decide that you are going to take the time to discover now what you have spent perhaps a lifetime eluding – Career Happiness.
Make a list of EVERYTHING in your past jobs that you did not like or that you were resistant to.
Include in this list every task, skill, type of people or specific people and why you think you did not resonate with them, working environment (down to the type of chair you sat in), product you were selling or involved with through your work, industry you were in, etc. that made you feel bad.
Now take that list and decide what the opposite of each item is for you – in other words what is your PREFERENCE to what you have listed (not necessarily the literal opposite). You must be completely honest or this will not work.

Congratulations! You have begun your inner journey to career happiness. This will be vital information to use in developing a career direction.

Author: Shell Mendelson