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Staff Leasing Frequently Asked Questions


What part of the staff of the Client Company can be employed for temporary work?

According to the amendments to the Labor Code since 2012 the total number of employees sent by the temp agency cannot be more than 30% of the total number of the permanent employees of the Client.


In which cases the temp agency cannot send temporary workers to a client?

1. Under the conditions of first and second category of work according to the Bulgarian legislation;

2. In companies related to national security and defense;

3. If there is a strike currently contacted at the company


Whose is the liability when it comes to the employer’s obligations to the employee?

For obligations to the employee arising from, or in connection with the performance of assigned work, the Client and the Temporary agency share joint liability.


How to terminate a labour agreement for temporary job?

1. Upon completion of the specified work;

2. With the return of the absent employee;

3. Upon termination of the registration of the temporary agency;

4. Upon expiration or termination of the Client and the Agency;

5. If the worker starts a permanent job;

6. By notice from one party to the contact under the provisions of the Labour Code


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