It is unquestionable that the organization’s long term success is achievable only by constant development at all levels. Generally in all these levels – individuals, teams and organisation as an entity.

With the help of contemporary, research-based models, we provide reliable and detailed picture of the current strengths and areas that need improvement. Then we recommend the most appropriate actions and methods for


  • Personal development programs
  • Professional competency development of individuals or teams (coaching, training)
  • Promoting constructive leadership, which stimulates achievement motivation
  • Adapting the systems, structures and processes to the changing environment
  • Changing the organizational culture to improve the overall quality of the organization as an employer of choice

Our consultants provide answers to the question: how does the organization function and what changes need to be made in order to improve performance and organizational effectiveness.


  • Individual thinking and behavioral styles, according which people approach their tasks and interact with each other
  • Leaders’ and managers’ potential and competencies
  • The quality of teamwork
  • The current organizational culture, as seen by the people, through assessment of what they believe is expected from them in order to fit in the organization and meet its requirements


We believe change is achievable and starting with profound analysis at all levels. We help leaders and organisations plan and successfully manage strategies for sustainable development.


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A little about us

Our team consists of experienced business oriented consultants with strong professional background in identifying and attracting professional talent, career management and labour market research,training, development organizational change and project management. Each of us is experienced in the area of human capital, has managed teams, processes or business unit.

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