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Sales Team Lead for Digital Marketing Agency

Sales Team Lead for Digital Marketing Agency

Our client BullStream an international digital marketing agency, based in Sofia, Bulgaria provides a multitude of service in the Digital Marketing sector is looking for an experienced sales professional for the position of

Sales Team Lead

The successful candidate is a talented, ambitious and motivated individual with a solid sales experience in marketing or digital marketing sector. As part of the company growing team, he/she will work in alongside the company internal sales team to nurture and develop upsell opportunities in different World markets.

The Sales Team Lead will act as a Head of Sales, which is a critical leadership position for the company that requires a combination of strategic thinking, strong interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape. The most important thing is the ability to build a sales business process system!!!

This role will also involves the use of innovative technology and software including Bitrx24 CRM (or similar), experience of lead generation or professional use of LinkedIn (Seles Navigator), Clutch, Upwork will also be very useful.


• Minimum 1-2 years sales experience (marketing or digital marketing services)
• Experience in maintaining and obtaining contracts from UPWork (or similar platforms) is an advantag
• Fluent English written and spoken

Key skills required for the position:

1. Leadership Skills:
Ability to inspire and lead a high-performing sales team, providing guidance, motivation, and strategic direction.
2. Digital Marketing Knowledge
Understanding of digital marketing strategies, technologies, and trends to align sales efforts with the company’s offerings.
3. Sales Strategy Development
Proficiency in creating and implementing effective sales strategies that align with overall business goals.
4. Client Relationship Management
Strong interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships with clients, understanding their needs and ensuring satisfaction.
5. Data Analysis
Ability to analyze sales data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to make informed decisions and continuously improve sales strategies.
6. Communication Skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively articulate the value proposition and negotiate with clients.
7. Strategic Thinking
Capacity to think strategically, anticipate market trends, and identify new business opportunities.
8. Adaptability
Flexibility to adapt to the dynamic nature of the digital industry, including emerging technologies and changing customer behaviors.
9. Negotiation Skills
Strong negotiation skills to secure profitable and mutually beneficial agreements with clients.
10. Results-Driven
A goal-oriented mindset with a focus on achieving and exceeding sales targets.
11. Market Research
Ability to stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and market conditions.
12. Team Management
Leadership in recruiting, training, and managing a successful sales team, fostering a collaborative and high-performance culture.
13. Customer-Centric Approach
Focus on understanding and meeting customer needs, ensuring a positive customer experience.
14. Budget Management
Experience in managing budgets and resources efficiently to achieve sales objectives.
15. Problem-Solving Skills
Aptitude for identifying challenges and developing creative solutions to overcome obstacles.
16. Tech-Savviness
Familiarity with relevant sales and marketing technologies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.
17. Ethical Conduct
Conduct business with integrity, adhering to ethical standards and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
18. Presentation Skills
Ability to deliver compelling and persuasive presentations to clients and stakeholders.
19. Networking
Strong networking skills to build connections within the industry, attend events, and identify business opportunities.
20. Continuous Learning
A commitment to staying updated on industry developments and continuously improving skills and knowledge.
These skills collectively enable the Head of Sales in a digital company to navigate the challenges of the digital marketplace, foster client relationships, and drive the company’s revenue growth.


• Potential career progression
• Career development opportunities abroad
• Opportunity to travel and collaborate with other locations
• Competitive Salary and Bonus system

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