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How long period does it take to obtain a job offer and what to expect after the interviews?

May 2009

Nikolai Nikolov
National Recruitment Manager, Horizons

We conducted a survey on the website of Horizons Bulgaria in the period March – April 2009. It reveals an interesting pattern in receiving a job offer, the number of interviews conducted and the time between the last meeting with the candidate.

Nearly 1/3 of the respondents indicate that they received an offer during the first or one of the next interviews. This fact shows some impulsiveness on the part of decision makers. The next day after the interview, 21.9% of the respondents received a job offer.

The next group – 22.8% of the candidates received the job offer within a week after the last interview.

The results reveals that for more than 2/3 who received a job offer, this happens within 1 week after the interview.

The chances of getting a job offer after more than 1 week from the last meeting are sharply reduced! Between a week and a month after the last meeting, 17.5% received an offer, and after more than a month, only 10% of the candidates got a job offer.

What do these facts reveals?

Firstly, employers are flexible and ready to make a decision immediately during the interview.

This can also be explained by the effect of the first impression that the candidates create on their future employers. The influence of this initial impression is vital in making a final decision. On the other hand, this reduces the possibility to check references. As well as the candidate to be seen in different situations.

Secondly, people who do not receive feedback from their interviews for more than a week, the chance of getting the job decreases sharply!

The third conclusion is that despite the difficult period in terms of new appointments in companies, it turns out that new appointments are made relatively quickly! Some companies say they are reducing the hiring of a new or outsider where the “situation” can remain.

However, there is a market for good candidates and they get offers quickly.

In conclusion, it can be argued that increasing the number of interviews increases the chance of hiring.
On the side of employers, the conclusion is that if you do not make a decision quickly, your perfect-fit candidate receives and accepts another offer!