Positive tendencies on the labor market

In 2011 an increase by 23% of published positions was reported for the first time since 2008 according to Jobs.bg’ manager Plamen Voushev during a press conference on: “What is Jobs.bg and how it works?

Data of the largest media career in Bulgaria Jobs.bg show that 253,301 job openings were published during the last year. The bad news is that the applications are also increasing by 13 %. ” There is uneven distribution on the labor market. For positions that do not require specific experience and skills, there are thousands of candidates, while other more specific positions attract only few people. This is the case with IT positions where demand is intense.

That is why a lot of employers complain about the lack of candidates against the huge number of people seeking work. There is one positive tendency: besides the traditional IT and customer service, scope of activities is expanding. Examples include international companies such as HP and Coca-Cola, who gave part of their human resources function in Bulgaria.

In 2012 a new IT company will enter because it has decided to outsource its financial department in the country. It plans to hire initially between 200-300 experts in financial and accounting experience and knowledge of language in order to to reach 1,000 in the coming years.

The manager of jobs.bg thinks that people must be ready to grow because the economies are changing. It is a good time to invest in learning a foreign language.

According to Plamen Voushev if a person decides to invest in learning a foreign language he or she needs between 6 and 12 months in order to reach a level of knowledge required to start work.

For more information: http://www.jobs.bg/hc/analytics/2466