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Personal development


Conflict management

Definition of personal strategy for resolving conflicts
Definition of the causes of conflicts
Changing the overall attitude towards conflict situations
Understanding the essence of conflicts
Build the right approach during a conflict

Time management

Increasing the personal efficiency through time management
Systems for time management
Time as a resourse
Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
Planning work tasks
Squares of Covey or how to prioritize your tasks
Time stealers or how to deal with them
Deligation of working tasks
Meetings – how to organize them and what to watch out for


The right way to communicate
Clear definition of messages
Active listening
How to help yourself with giving feedback
How to receive a feedback

Work in stress

Definition of the source of stress
Working with the reason for stress
Elaborating strategies for dealing with stress
Fake anti-stressors

Emotional intelligence

Self- knowledge
Social competence

Presentation skills

Planning the presentation. The model of “the four main stones”
Sources of information. Pyramid’s structure
Body language or how to give strength to our messages
Working with multimedia and flipchart
Overcoming the stress and stage fright
Dealing with difficult participants


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