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Qualified staff from abroad

11% of employers in Bulgaria are looking for qualified people outside the country. These are the results of a study of Manpower Bulgaria’s workforce “Borderless Workforce research”.

According to the survey the engineers, who come mainly from Germany and Britain are very attractive to the Bulgarian employers.

There is need for foreign professionals  in the sectors of information technology, finance, insurance and business services. The agriculture sector does not rely on foreigners. The employers in Sofia are most open to foreign employees.
Foreign companies based in Bulgaria are more willing to hire foreigners while Bulgarian companies use foreign workers rarely.


The employers in Bulgaria are most concerned by the fact that skilled personnel are leaving the country to work abroad. According to the data 73% of employers in the country had worry about external migration of the local workforce. In Greece this per cent is 72% of employers.


Companies in other countries are also increasingly concerned about qualified personnel leaving the country: 56% Romania, Italy (55%), Ireland (53%), Slovenia (53%) and South Africa (52%). Least concerned about out flowing employees are Swiss, Belgian and Dutch employers. 86% of Bulgarian employers think that both government and private sector are not doing enough to attract the skilled workers that left the country.